With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I Used to Think Nothing of Writing Three Posts On a Monday!: Part Two of a Paltry Two Part Series.

Earlier in these most truthful of pages, I had mentioned that my drink is Coke and Scotch.

In the interest of keeping our relationship honest and pure and one hundred percent up to date, I must tell you that is no longer true.

The scotch and coke worked out to be 6 buck a pop. 6 x 6 x7=252 bucks a week in coke and scotch! That represents nearly a third of my beverage budget.

But ultimately it is not about the money it is about satisfying my ever curious taste buds. And the drink which is holding my attention is, Red Bull & Worm Poop!

I know what you are thinking: Britney Spears' Favorite Drink! So what, I say. There is something exciting about taking uppers and organic fertilizers. Because it is like, "Hey what a rush!"; But also, "I'm drinking worm poop!"


maleah said...

There's a thought. Britney dates hideous men...

Comrade Kevin said...

If you get any urges to plant yourself in the yard and conduct photosynthesis, call 911!

Justin said...

Hey! And I can dance! The resemblence is strinking.


Justin said...

C K,
I always stay out of the sun or I end up red as a...red like vegetable.