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Monday, September 17, 2007

Nothing Is Different But Everything Has Changed.

My life has come to a virtual stand still. That's why I didn't bother posting.

Because I would have to make stuff up.

And with all the real stuff going on in the world, like O.J. Simpson getting arrested for robbery, who has time to write or read made-up stuff?

But now that I have started blogging something has happened! I just found a new favorite drink: Coke and Scotch!
(Picture courtesy of the Guggenheim)

I guess it isn't the most exciting news, but it was John Lennon's favorite drink. So in a way, I guess that makes me like a fifth Beetle. But I don't want to dwell on that thought for too long lest, I taint my modesty.

And on that humble note, I end my triumphant return to blogging.


maleah said...

If I taught anyting at any level I'd drink the Scotch.

MacK said...

Och, Aye!

Finding Fair Hope said...

What is this, Justin? A 21st Century version of Fitzgerald's The Crack Up?

sjs said...

So, are you in law school yet?

SHANNON! said...

Have you tried cool water poured over a slotted spoon with a sugar cube on it into a delightful and hallucinogenic shot of absinthe?
Results: both calming and electrifiying! I am now completely positive (as I have always suspected) that I am a Beatle. Complete with a red shell and black spots. Watch me spread my wings and go!
PS I am in Library Science school Justin, just in case you were wondering. I find it difficult sometimes in my Antique repairing classes because my wings get stuck together when I'm using the binding glue.

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, why is it that when I Google my name your website comes up? Last I checked I am not you, though come to think of it I have never seen us at the same party.

Comrade Kevin said...

I think your modesty got tainted that last time you ran naked through the campus Quad screaming, "I'm a fairy princess and I need to find my mushroom circle!"

Coke and scotch... wow... strong strong stuff.

Too_Lively said...

To quote Comrade Kevin (sort of), "You had me at scotch. You... had me.... at scotch."

Justin said...

2 lively,

You are, what I like to call, my ideal reader.


Justin said...

Comrade K
I used to drink it in what the barkeeps call neatly, but than I found out about coke, and my life hasnt been the same.

Justin said...

g e,
The google never lies. We are One.

Justin said...

Where are you? CSU?

I thought you had retired, with your fancy investing gig.


Justin said...

No, I am deeply in debt. darn expensive scotch.


Justin said...

Indeed. It is also like a better version of war and peace.

And a superior version of the Odyssey.

I could go on and on.


Justin said...


Justin said...

Well, if you decide to teach, meet me in the faculty lounge. Or help me in the faculty bathroom.