With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Watched 24 Alone For The First Time This Season.

I wanted to wait on reporting the title fact to you until I had some time to think.

Usually, I watch 24 with Lindz.

But not two days ago. I suspect she was on a date.

I guess it isn't a big deal.

So what, if she did stab me in the back. And then use the hole in my back to tear out my heart. And then use my heart to make Heart-Bread in my bread machine(without even asking my permission.)

And then she threw the Loaf of Heart-Bread in the garbage can. And then she kicked the garbage can over. Leaving the Heart Bread to be eaten by raccoons.

And then she didn’t even clean out the crumbs from my bread maker.

Anyway, good luck to her.

Like I care.

I mean the heart can regrow. It’s not like she ripped my brain out. Brain cells can’t regrow. If someone rips my brain out, my UnComparable Genius will be lost forever.

That my UnComparable genius is still intact, and Fox will continue to broadcast 24 are just a few of the reminders that life does go on.


maleah said...

Here is the BIG question. Have you ever asked Lindz on a date? If not, maybe you should. Or if you do not wish to date Lindz but merely hog her company, WHAT KIND OF A FRIEND AND MAN ARE YOU?

alecia said...

heart bread. yummmmmmmmmmmmm.

Susan Miller said...

Yes, Sir J, allow the women to play with your heart but please, please protect the UnComparable Genius. I shudder when attempting to imagine the desolation of a world without it.

Random thought that has nothing to do with the above: Sometimes I think maybe I go overboard.

Another random thought that may have something to do with one of the previous aboves: I can swim.

Comrade Kevin said...

What if she was out on a date with Jack Baur!!!

I just blew your mind didn't I?

taihae said...

poor baby. make sure you're only crying on the inside - no one likes a soggy man.

Justin said...

I do not cry. Instead, I blog.


Justin said...

Comrade K,

If that is the case, I would certainly overlook the offense.

Unless she turned down Dr. House to be with Jack.

Justin said...

Susan Miller,
Unpleasant memories of nearly drowning; being forced to go to swimming lessons; being threatened with getting thrown in the pool by the quote unquote instructors.

In short, I'm really happy that one of us knows how to swim.

Justin said...

A heart as sensitive as mine also makes for a fine, Heart-Bread.

Justin said...

Well, I don't exactly hog her company. I don't even let her stay for the next week's previews.

alecia said...

i like soggy men!

taihae said...

maybe you should be watching 24 with alecia, justin - you heard the lady. I'm a law and order girl, myself.

alecia said...

taihae, that is an interesting idea, but I WILL NEVER WATCH 24! not even with the queen of england! she's dumb anyway. i like nip/tuck. also, i don't think justin exists outside of caribou cause i've never seen him anywhere else.

taihae said...

what on earth is caribou?