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Monday, March 26, 2007

How Can I Get Motivated Mondays?

Hey COI winners!

If someone were to, for once, just ask me how to improve their life I would say that you have to take care of your body.

I even came up with this slogan, "The Body Is Not Just a Tupperware Container for Your Mind;It is a Treasure Chest of Awesomeness IN AND OF ITSELF." (I am going to make a needlepoint of that saying after I finish my Goethe needlepoint.)

The concern for my physical health is why I decided to take up Tai-Chi.

I borrowed a tai-chi video from my Dad and grabbed a snack.

But tai-chi kind of moves slow and pretty soon I lost the momentum to get off the couch.

I don't know how my Dad watches the DVD and does the exercises. I could hardly handle just watching the DVD. Pretty soon, I had to flip channels. Lucky for me the Simpsons were on!

Is that you still sitting in front of the computer?

Go on and watch an exercise video!

You won't regret it as much as a lot of other things in your life!


alecia said...

ew. the simpsons. they are blah sometimes.

Susan Miller said...

yay. the simpsons. they are like an old friend and much better than an exercise video unless, of course, you put in some jazz boogie ballet. a video clearly made for the schizophrenic in all of us.

good unmotivated monday to you, j. lowered expectations are where it's at, man.

Tai Chi video watcher said...

I think I see the problem. Tai Chi is not a beer and chips event, tryi Riesling and cheese.

Justin said...

Thank you, grasshopper.

My other readers will note that while tai-chi watcher has specified a wine, he has not specified a cheese. Suggesting that he has a Lactose Intolerance.

And that he probably lent me the video in the first place.


Justin said...

As for me these aren't lowered expectations. I would have never even bothered to get the video until I felt super concered about my health.


Justin said...

Ali Baba,
Don't be so down! The simpsons are great!


maggie said...

frankly, i'm impressed that you put the dvd in the player the same day you borrowed it. it took me six months to even take my yoga dvd out of the plastic wrap and sit on the couch to watch it. i think you've inspired me to watch it a second time... maybe this time i'll stand.

Justin said...

That's the spirit!

Since you are reading my blog, I suppose you are on your shift. Maybe, eating a sandwhich too. And knitting. But once you get off work, put that video in!

P.S. Stretch first if you plan to stand up while watching it.

Comrade Kevin said...

By some odd coincidence I did post today about exercise videos on my own blog. Once again Justin, great minds think alike!

Justin said...

Comrade K,

And apparently great minds have a very weak sense of how to get in shape.