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Friday, April 25, 2008

People I Meet At the Coffee Shop from 9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday.

Q: True or False? all Regular Mid-Day Coffee Shop Patrons are unemployed, crazy or have leprosy?

A: True.

Which is why I figured that I should talk to them so as to get some blogging ideas.

Today, I met an elderly man, who is apparently retired. He was, he said, a retired doctor who devoted himself to Jewish Mysticism.

I asked him what sorts of works he was reading, and he said it wasn't entirely a question of reading.

"But I want you to read this." He gave me a photocopied packet. "Keep it."

"Well," I said.

He excused himself.

I read the article and here is a line from it "The danger is not that the golem…will develop overwhelming powers ;it lies in the tension which the creative process arouses in the creator himself.”


Curtis said...

You go on a ship just to drink coffee? Its no wonder you meet jewish mystics. Next time you are in need of good coffee and relaxing conversation, avoid the cruises with the words "Jewish Mystics Cruise Line" in the title of the pamphlet.

Justin said...

C, Words are so hard to spell, especialy when I am trying to teach 37 classes and study for the MCSE exam. Plus allergy meds. Lots of allergy meds.

But, alas, I have fixed it, and now you are at the top of the line as copy editor for my consulting company.


Jenn said...

I like creating golems. Especially those that eventually appear in LOTR?:

Justin said...



I don't understand why Golem is Golem in LOTR. And I basis this on kind of staying awake for the second part of the movie. I mean he isn't a Golem in the ordinary sense, so what's the deal?


Jenn said...

Yeah..but because of him I think of all golems (or gollums) as twitchy, hollow little creatures saying mine, my own, my precioussssss.

Maleah said...

Wasn't there a new post?

Justin said...


You are looking at it.


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