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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh, The Secrets I Could Tell You, But Won't Because I'm Just So Very Conscientious.

While on one of my daily visits to the grocery store I become concerned with what
happened to some of my favorite veggie-substitute products.

I don't know exactly why I need to buy veggie burgers and veggie monkey brains, but it makes me happy.

So, I asked the cashier what happened to the Morning Star Products.

She leaned in, actually they are making the {Our Store} Brand.

But I shouldn't even be telling you that.

I just looked at her.

Yet, deep down I knew that she was right. That's why I can't tell you what store, or what brand. But if I could tell anyone, it would be You.

Honestly, that just scratches the surfaces. I have secrets about how to improve your golf swing and how to know if S/He likes you and friends and family and the economy and work and the future and the lives of bees and my Own Personal Emotional Highs and Lows.

But like the proverbial grocer I really shouldn't tell you of such things.


Anonymous said...

OK, I have a secret also, but pleeaaasse dont tell anyone, gas prices are on the rise.

Tom King said...

Wal-Mart used to stock veggie meat substitutes. I would go in there and buy them by the case. Evidently it takes a lot more people than me to keep them on the shelf at Wally World because they pulled them after about a 3 month trial. Heck it took me a couple of months to figure out they even had Tender-Bits and Choplets.

Marketers have such preset concepts. They thought it might fail, so they really didnt' promote the product at all. Same thing's happening at Brookshire's. Gradually the Morningstar stuff is disappear, except the varieties that don't taste very good. You can count on Boca Burger being the last to go!!

I'm going to have to just start ordering my veggie stuff by the truckload and having it delivered to the house. Somebody's missing a HUGE market - namely old fat guys on a low cholesterol diet.

But, then, the marketers already know it all, so why bother telling them.

I'm just sayin'


maleah said...

I have a concern with what happened to me...

Alex K. said...

was that grocering trip to Heinens on Cedar and Green by any chance? every time I've ventured that way some employee there has bestowed unto me an unorthodox and ridiculous amount of information concerning the store brand of whatever product. case in point: a recent trip there for ice cream, which is for Heinens is made by pierres, and the upcoming sales on 64oz ice cream since word on the d/l is that 54oz or some smaller size that the organic ice creams use will soon become the industry standard and that all the major companies will be reducing their flavor stocks significantly...get your moose tracks while the last

Jenn said...

Why don't you write another post blurting out all these secrets...just cos you can?