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Monday, November 12, 2007

Goodbye Mr. "Stormin'" Norman Mailer

In the tradition of great eulogies such as those penned by W.H. Auden and Derek Zoolander, I would like to say a few words about the loss of the world's greatest author ever: Mr. Norman Mailer, who passed this weekend.

Unlike a lot of those fraudulent news sources (New York Times &c) The Concept of Irony didn't write a eulogy or obituary years in advance, so that it could be published within a half hour of his passing. Because our position around here is, honesty first; lies, deceptions, ambiguity and more lies, second.

Mr. Mailer was the author of such works as The Executioner's Song, Advertisements for Myself, As I lay Dying, Huckleberry Fin, People Probably Just Skim the List,Oswald's Tale &The Odyssey,

Of course Mr. Mailer was never published in the newsletter of the American Physical Society.

Whereas I have.

Which I think pretty much puts his work in perspective.

But what of the man? He was known as a selfish man, yet he could find it in his heart to appear in Gilmore Girls.

He had six wives, one of whom he stabbed. Have I ever stabbed my pretend fiance, Lindz?


Is it because she has a restraining order out against me?

Yes, very likely.

Does that make me better than him?

Yes, very likely.

But this isn't really about me. This is about the passing of a man who apparently had a giant ego.

And such a man is as different from me, as are any of the many people who are vastly inferior to me.

So let us say goodbye.

You will missed, and not soon forgotten, Mr. Norbert Miller.


GFS3 said...

You either love Mailer or hate him. I happen to like him. He has some fantastic novels "The Naked and the Dead" and "The Executioner's Song," but he also wrote some terrible stuff "Ancient Evenings."

My thoughts:


maleah said...

I love Norm. He was great on "Cheers." I just didn't know he wrote anything.

Justin said...


Why can't I both love him and hate him? I am a very complex man.

See also my relationship with ipods.


Justin said...

But you must have suspected his literary greatness with such comments as:

"Women. You can't live with 'em....Pass the beer nuts."


Comrade Kevin said...

So is this the guy who sends me all those coupons in the mail every Tuesday? Man, I'm glad that's over. How many cheesy collector plates, personalized checks, and discount tire rotations can someone get in a week!

.... come to think of it, I'm only half way through my Robins: The red-breasted whorebird plate collection!

Justin said...

Comrade K,
One can only hope that it is not overr

In my house we don't eat off of the same plates twice. One week it is star trek characters, another week it is Bosnian war criminals.

I guesss next week we will be eating off of the personalized cheks... if someone doesn't step up.

Peraps your rhetorical questions were aimed at soliciting a nomination for the new mailer?


lisa said...

I loved that you linked to Gilmore Girls...You're funny and stuff, but things like that keep me reading. :)

Anonymous said...

Can you write a eulogy for me?

Justin said...


You have been around for as long as author's have been forgetting to put their name on their work.

You will not die.


Justin said...


Do you know Shannon? Because she is in the same program as you.

Or are you already a librarian and hence feel entitled to make such sweeping judgements about the quality of my writing in relationship to my links. j.

Anonymous said...

Although I DO have a name, I prefer anonymitity.

lisa said...

I am not a librarian yet, but when I am, will that make me even more entitled to pass judgment?

No, I do not know Shannon, but if she’s a library person I’d like to. Maybe we can make sweeping judgments about you together.

My last comment was actually a compliment. Although, I think you might respond better to sarcasm.

Best, lm

Beth said...

Lovely and moving. I hope you're around when I head to the Great Beyond.