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Monday, November 05, 2007

I Am Not Making This Up: I Am Best Friends With Author Dave Barry: A Photo Essay.

Don't mean to brag but my weekend was way better then yours.

No real surprise there: Otherwise I would be reading your blog rather than you reading my blog.

When I heard Dave Barry was coming to town I immediately called my only remaining friend in Cleveland, Rachel.

She agreed to be seen in public with me, if I gave her one of my air conditioners. Sounded fair enough.

Even though I was in an amazing amount of pain from cutting myself with a razor blade while taking a cutting from a plant, I still had a great time.

Aside from befriending me, Dave Barry did magic tricks and read and told jokes.

Adults asked questions like, Do you agree with Rene Girard's theory of mimetic desire as an organizing principle....

Kids asked questions like, How come in the third novel, the camel goes poop on the king's head?

O.K. I asked that question.

Unfortunately, when I returned home, the plant had died.

But it was all worth it, because Dave Barry gave me his autograph and his eternal friendship.


The Camel said...

Would you write more about poop, please? I think you'd acquire a broader and younger audience if you added a few references every other post or so.

The Poop said...

I am tired of being exploited for laughs.

Like I don't have it bad enough as is.

Anonymous said...

You got a microwave?

maleah said...

What's with scarring all your fingers?

aleciaaaaaaaaa said...

you jerk.
i'm still your friend!
let's go see a movie this weekend, on sunday.
i'm calling you punk! let's eat popcorn until out mouths fall off.

p.s. i don't even remember what that movie was called... the one we saw.

Justin said...

I will believe it when I hear it.

P.S. The Name of the Movie was "Cool Runnings"

Justin said...

There must have been some kind of crazy prophecy. Because I can't help it.


Justin said...

A Microwave, and many microwavable dishes which I won't be needing.

How do you feel about movies at the cinematheque.


Justin said...

The Poop,
Your point is well taken.

PS Are you related to The Edge?

Justin said...

The Camel,

Would it be nice to extend my reading audience beyond Comrade K, Maleah, and 'anonymous' who wants his web domain name back?


Would I do it at the expense of cheapening my literary efforts?

Stay tuned to find out.


Too_Lively said...

You needed to try to fit another pic of Michael Jackson into this post.

Anonymous said...

J,I must say I am hurt that you don't consider me a friend. As well, as or pre-engagement to engagement when we are 80, we have our Tuesday and Thursday night phone conversations about how great our friendship really is. I just don't know if I can tolerate your constant insults anymore. It is time to make a decision.,L

PS, Isn't being dramatic fun.

Justin said...

I have given my decision much thought.

It wasn't easy to decide.

Because there are so many factors.

But basically, yes I do think drama is fun.


Justin said...

2 lively,

Blogger is very strict on the number of MJJ pictures allowed in a blog. I don't want to lose my account.


Shannon R. said...

Sherman Alexie is coming to the Cleveland Public Library on Sunday Nov. 18th. He's one of my heroes, and not in the Monday-night-awesome-television-show sort of way. But in the actor-writer-poet-humorist-that-actually-makes-money-at-it, sort of way.

Should be a good time. Go if you can.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like movies, but I'd only be in it for the microwave. I mean, a man has to have his priorities in order, and it is taking me longer and longer to "cook up" something special for the missus (a life-sized poster of Kathy Ireland).

Justin said...

I completely understand, and would like to mention that I do have a deep fryer also.


Justin said...

Shannon R,
I have noted it, though I do confess I have something against places with books. Unless available girls will be there.


Anonymous said...


Kathy doesn't like fried food. She's kind of picky.

Beth said...

Dave poured his heart out to you in that inscription. Zevon's dead, so he has room for another pal.