With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Rated R for Graphic Images: Part Three of a Very Special Three Part Series

My badly disfigured finger barely holing on to the TB shot card--And life.

The only other medical document I could find the strength to cling to--my contact prescription from earlier this year.

My fingers--Barely able to do the walking.


maleah said...

You got a Tetanus or TB shot? No wonder you're confused, you went to the Urgent Care facility. That does take guts, though, so it's good you have them.

Justin said...

I guess you must have thought my second post sucked pretty bad to not leave a comment.

Anyway, I can't find a doctor I like. Soon, I will be going to the free clinic.


maleah said...

I don't think it sucked. I'm lazy. Also, I'm not that clever.

alecia said...

that card says "TD" not "TB". is that the same thing or are you just a big liar?