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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fan Mail Thursdays.

(Frank, 2 lively, my friends. Sorry. I can't access my own comments sections. Maleah: I guess you are too loyal to actual leave a comment.)

Dear 'Anonymous Reader',

Thank you for your thoughtful letter tied by twine to a rock of 09/26/07.

Obviously, as an up and coming writer in the fifth quadrant of Cleveland Heights, it would be foolish of me to respond to each and every piece of fan mail I get.

However, since you went to the effort of mailing your letter rather than simply throwing it through my window, I decided that you were worth a special, public response.

The idea you suggest ('...quit...) is one I have thought of frequently. But what stops me is the very idea captured in the second half of your letter (beginning with, "or...")

I wonder what else might happen if I don't quit.

It seems like I have made so many sacrifices for my art (I have seen 'Adaptation' nearly fifty times!) that the off chance that I will become a literary star is enough to keep me going. About twice a week.

Your closing also gave me hope (The one word line beginning with, "L...."). I don't know if you meant platonic or what, but it is just going to be me and my roomba and my dog watching, "Whose the Boss?" this Friday night. I'm just saying. I don't mean to make you uncomfortable.

Thanks again for your support and me sure to send me another line before postage rates go up again!!!




maleah said...

Love and Hate mail. In one act.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how far your fan came from to deliver this mail, Alaska, California, Switzerland ? I say analyze the rock and satisfy my curiosity. I wish I had such devoted fans.

Justin said...

Thank you for alphabetizing the choices. It will make my analysis all the easier.


Justin said...

Cosmic Duality---What a hoot.


Comrade Kevin said...

The least he could have done was to use a pretty rock.

Too_Lively said...

Just like in Adaptation, it doesn't matter if your "fans" truly Reciprocate your love or not. You have that love, it is yours, and that is all that matters.