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Monday, October 01, 2007

PART TWO!!!: Part Two of a Very Special Three Part Series.

Why didn't I have the nerve to ask her out? Probably because of the massive blood loss.

Anyway, after being told by two people that I should see a doctor I decided to go.

The doctor said I was the bravest patient he had ever seen! And what a big boy for not dying of such a terrible wound.

Once he stitched me up he said that the nurse would come in to give me a Tetanus Shot.

"Oh, my dog doesn't have any rust on him," I said.

"It isn't really likely, but it is best to have the shot." He said.

"It isn't likely at all," I said. "My dog doesn't have any metal in him. Except the bionic leg."

With that the doctor took his leave.

He had healed my body, but he didn't heal the cynical part of my soul that uses sarcasm to deflect my inability to come to terms with my mortality.

And for that I am grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Judging by the comments this is indeed, one of the most underrated posts of the year.

Timothy Leary