With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where Are They Now?: My Offspring.

Since most of my readers have picked up on the fact that I am all washed up, I regularly get emails asking, "Where are they now?" about such famous characters as:

~that girl who I was back-up-plan engaged to

~the guy who used to report in the comment section on the status of boats passing his window,

~and of course, my boy Henry PLANTagenet

The answer to all of these questions is somewhere in my closet.

But Henry is definitely the only one that is still growing.


Too_Lively said...

Nah, I want to know if your neighbors still talk to you after the Easter incidents of last year.

frank said...

Where's Timothy the breadmaker? I suspect a coverup.
the truth is out there...

maleah said...

A guy saw boats? I thought that was ghosts. I've got to get my hearing checked. And why did they eat his window?

Anonymous said...

yay henry!