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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yet Another Literary Feud.

You can imagine the surprise I experienced when on returning home I found 95 pages of carefully handwritten text stapled to my front door.

It was from none other than Comrade K (Link No Longer Available.)

(Photo:Comrade K slanders Justin on the front door of Justin's Chateau. Credit: Kahn Home Surveillance.)

The gist of his charge can be divided into two parts. The first was that Monday's post utilized the dramatic construction of Sophocles' Antigone.

Just as Sophocles constructs the play so that Antigone twice buries her brother, so my post was constructed so that I could discuss poopie in containers--not once, but twice.

Guilty as charged! I happily learn from writer's better then me. And it was while looking for a writer better then meself that I came across Sophocles.

The second part of his charges (pages 2-95) is that this demonstrated a complete lack of imagination on my part; that when I am stealing ideas from ancient Greeks it is obvious my time is up; that maybe reading Rush Limbaugh's blog could be considerably more intelligent and interesting and original than what concept of irony has become.

To This second set of charges I respond (html_hrefid="btnShowCurrent" " onMouseover="btnHov(this, 'btn
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Comrade Kevin said...

Damn! And I thought that monk disquise kit I bought from Target would be the perfect solution to your hidden cameras.

Perhaps I should have worn a wig or something.

bitingblondewit said...

Justin, sometimes I find you terribly confusing. Original. Entertaining. Not at all derivative of Sophocles. But still confusing.

maleah said...

That whole paragraph that starts with "Guilty..." just has me thinking it is written in elfen or something...

No wonder CK paid you a visit. I think it was an intervention.

Poopie. There, I said it, too.

Jenn said...

Justin. I like the whole idea of stealing from Greek literature. You have to be pretty damn smart to steal from Greek literature. You would have had to read Greek literature so you could toss off names like Aeschylus.

Personally I liked Lysistrata.

But only cos there was lots of sex in it.

Miss Lippy said...

I think you should name the dog after your favorite Clue character. Colonel Mustard or maybe Professor Plum. Chicks dig Clue characters.