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Monday, July 23, 2007

Stupid People Should Not Be Allowed to Watch House, M.D.

Dr. Gregory House is very funny. This funniness stems from him being so smart while other people are so dumb! Often he makes fun of them and is often mean to them! This is good entertainment.

Tragically, people who are not nearly as smart as Dr. House and Me, have begun adopting this, "I don't care about you" attitude.

This should not be.

One example, will suffice.

Today, The Dog Whose Name Has Not Been Determined (But Sir Toby is Pretty Good) had his first vet appointment.

I was asked to bring a stool (Poopie) sample.

I got a good sized stool (Poopie) sample. I put it inside a plastic bag. Then I put the bag in a small Tupperware container.

Then my sister called me and I told her what I had done and she said, 'No, it is supposed to be the dog's stool.'

Come to think of it two examples will suffice.

So I repeat the process, putting the dog's stool (Poopie)into a plastic bag, and then putting the bag in a Tupperware container.

At the appointment, the doctor(well, dvm) didn't return my Tupperware! So at the front desk I asked what's up with that. They apologized and said they had thrown away the Tupperware and the plastic bag!

Oh, sure go walk all over me, House DVM!

My ideas and attitudes and interests and love for Tupperware don't mean anything compared to your super genius!

I guess my commitment to using the same plastic bag over and over because that's how much I love mother earth doesn't mean anything to you!

By late afternoon, I would have felt very lonely if it weren't for sir toby (?) staying by my side as I cleaned out the plastic bag and Tupperware from my first stool sample.


Mary Lois said...

I see you've found an excellent name for the dog. Now, have you thought of a name for his poopie?

Ki Two said...

Wow. Also, ew.

maleah said...

I am aghast.

They threw away a Tupperware?

Comrade Kevin said...

I voted for the Hate You in the last thread and I noticed I was the only one....

Just goes to show that playa haters aren't the respected occupation they used to be.

Poop jokes though, those things never get old!

Justin said...

Comrade K,

Worry not. I shall respond briefly.


Justin said...


Although to keep things in perspective, it isn't as bad as throwing away those snap and lock containers from target. Those rule.


Justin said...

ki two,

Oh you scientists. Always so clinical.


Justin said...

mary lois,
I am always amazed at the depths of my creativity, and thievery.