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Friday, July 20, 2007

RE: The Naming of the Notorious D-O-G.

Ladies. Please help me. My sister believes that I should not name my dog Mercutio.

For extra credit, briefly support your reasoning for answer #1.


maleah said...

Who else would be a friend to Lil' Romeo? You could always just call him Tio, that sounds sorta "Hood."

Comrade Kevin said...

Naming pets after Shakespeare characters is so four centuries ago.

Ki Two said...

Much better to name your dog after a victim than a killer -- Tybalt does not sound half as cool.

Mary Lois said...

How about Sir Toby Belch?

Anonymous said...

With a dog that cute the name will not matter

Justin said...

A dog by any other name smells just as poopie.


Justin said...

Mary Lois,
Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't you play Sir Toby Belch in Switzerland?

Matched only by Chevey Chase's Falstaff, from what I hear.


Justin said...

Why would I name my dog after a pain killer?


Justin said...

Comrade K,
I do like to remain fashionably out of step.

Like with the milk I drink.


Justin said...

Another thing that sounds hood is "quotation marks."


Lindsey said...

I think that is definitely a great name, since I came up with it. Although, William H. Macy would be just as amazing (which I also came up with. So did you actually name him yet?