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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Unsubscribe, Please: A Literary Feud So Significant That It Deserves a Post.

Concept of Irony and Justin Kahn were once friends with major up and coming writer Shannon Simpson.

We used to post her private correspondence to save us time from writing. Sometimes we did it without giving her credit. Actually, frequently.

But an email received today, makes that friendship no longer possible.

We at COI, believe in satire. And ridicule. But there are lines that MUST be drawn.

It is hard for all of us around here to believe. Not two weeks ago we were considering changing the name of this blog to "Concept of Irony featuring Shannon Simpson."

But today's email, making fun of the documentary film Helvetica , rules out that and many other possibilities.

As serious writers we believe that the typeface Helvetica,is worthy of a documentary film--and an extra heaping of respect. Not an email subject line that reads HELVETICA!? more like HEL-YEAH!-TICA!!!!

If she in fact, "just called and pre-ordered 15 tickets so I can have a whole area to myself with no annoying whispering or weeping to disturb me," Justin and COI would commend her. Instead we break away from her. Publicly rebuking her and making it clear that if she is ever to grace the pages of COI it will be only after she rejects her foolhardy arrogance that undermines the respect all typefaces deserve.


Frank said...

Speaking of which, did you shrink some of the COI fonts?

maleah said...

My favorite font of all time is Goudy. I am partial to serifs. My favorite sans-serif is Helvetica Black (for headlines only). The End.

Jenn said...

Justin you get funnier and funnier.

Especially when you're not trying.

Mary Lois said...

Ahhh, a fake feud! A blatant attempt to build readership! What is it, sweeps week in blogland? Nobody ever reads my blog either.

Justin said...

finding fair hope,

Sadly, every week is sweeps week in cyberspace.


Justin said...


There was only post I didn't try on.
But I won't tell you which one it was.


Justin said...

What is it with texans and serifs?


Justin said...

I did not. Make sure your brower settings are adjusted to .05 pixels on the html diags.


frank said...

Hey, you're right.

Stupid browser.