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Friday, January 05, 2007

The Time is Unagreeable to This Business:2006, Where Art Thou?

I know that an unhealthy portion of my 2006 summer went to reading Richardson's Clarissa. How I let the hours slip away! (Book pictured with a cat rented for the purpose of creating a sympathetic image of me.)

Still, I spent most of January 1st'07 organizing my book collection, trying to decide what books I want to read and reread. (Pictured is John Cussak as Rob Gordon arranging his record collection. But you get the idea.)

My selections are complete, but in the process of deciding, I have realized that if I 60 years of reading remaining and I read 72 books a year (the same number, pictured) than I can only expect to read 4320 books in my lifetime. Which really isn't that many if you think about it. For example I have the same number of books supporting the left front leg of my desk (There is hole beneath it which goes from the penthouse to the basement level. My neighbors have generously allowed me to stack books through their apartments for the sake of the ideal positioning of my desk.)

And then when one takes into account my fairly extensive video collection (pictured left) one can see that the number of books I will be able to read are numbered indeed.


Sassy Sundry said...

Quality, not quantity.

And organizing one's books by life's experiences (isn't that what Rob's doing in that photo?) is a little scary. It says "I spend more time thinking about living [reading] than living [reading]."

Justin said...

Sassy S:

Is quality , not quantity in reference to my awesome video collection?

And what with gas prices so high, I"d be thrilled if I could spend momre time reading than living.


Angry Gnome said...

Dude, is that Robot Chicken? You have a Robot Chicken DVD? You are like a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in bacon.

Justin said...

angry gnome,
Acutally that is the classic 'Spies Like us'(it says so on the cover. According to imdb the plot is, "Two bumbling government employees think they are U.S. spies, only to discover that they are actually decoys for Nuclear War."


Justin said...

angry gnome,
Oh, you mean to the right. Yes it is robot chicken

a-bawk, bawk, bawk!


Comrade Kevin said...

J. I was too sleepy to respond to your blog this morning so I am responding to it now.


Too_Lively said...

Yes, the cat napping in the softness of worn blue jeans does leave the impression that you are sensitive and kind to strays.

Maleah said...

Time does fly... I was just 19 a minute ago. And then 24, and then I was pushing a shopping cart through TJ Maxx a few weeks ago while my 2 year old squealed, "Mommy, you 48! I'm 2!" while I loudly corrected her, "NO, SILLY, MOMMY IS ONLY 38," so that other interested patrons would know that I am indeed 38. Which I am, but literally tomorrow I will be 40 and then the day after 48, so what's the difference? And, Justin, I will have read, like, the newspaper every day and "Good Housekeeping" monthly and several pet blogs and "The Gettysburg Review" once in a while and a few self-help books recommended by my therapist... but not several hundred good books. So it's nice to know that good minds out there are. Otherwise, they would just be nice places for cats to rest their heads. And quite handy gifts.

Jake said...


Justin said...

You know them?


Justin said...

I'm not just saying this, but you don't look a day over 28. Which, I fimrly believe is the highest compliment that can be paid.

Just as a joke, I'm thinking I should get a stack of Good Housekeeping and put it on my coffee table.

Or next to the table, since it is currently covered with index cards, reciepts, several dishes and cable that must belong to something.


Justin said...

2 lively, Like so many great men, I believe that being kind to animals makes for as good of a photo opportunity as being kind to humans.