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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

In Which a Little Reflection Goes a Long Way Towards Saving Our Man Justin From Being Thought an Odd Bird.

By Guest Blogger Ratzo

(A Picture of novelist Don Delillo, in the sitting room of the penthouse. Justin is in no way related to Don Delillo, which has brought Justin under some heavy criticism of late.)

Over the last couple of months I have had the good fortunate to live with Justin. During this time I have watched politicians and superstars and power brokers and shirpas come and go. But whenever there is a lady in the penthouse, they and they alone, seem unable to resist commenting on the pictures of authors scattered about the penthouse. Often they go so far as to imply this is a maybe, could be, possibly, some might say, odd.

But I must come to his defense on this matter. Today people, think you are nothing if you aren't a CEO or a Shirpa. But Justin holds out an ambition to be the greatest blogger in the fourth quadrant of Cleveland Heights. What a task! Do not fault him if he needs to draw inspiration from his surroundings.

Lesser bloggers might fortify themself with all manners of substances. Can you not see what a sensitive soul would withdraw from such aides and simply cut out author's photos from library books and display them as a simple reminder of those who, like him, have withdrawn from the Great Human Race.


Too_Lively said...

Awww, it is lonely to be such a sensitive, artistic soul. Does Justin have a picture of Rilke? Someone should give him one as a belated holiday present.

Jake said...

do you have a human ear on growing your back?

Comrade Kevin said...

Why is Don Delillo looking so serious in that photo? He's only considered one of the most talented novelists of our generation and has like a bajillion dollars.

If I was Don, I'd have my picture taken with 2 hot undergrad cheerleaders on each arm and I'd be draped in gold and diamond jewelry.

"I wrote White Noise, Bitches! Fo'shizzle my Mizzles!!

Maleah said...

I know I'm not the only one who has thought of this... but it beats leaving the pictures of the models who came with the frame displayed about. They aren't exactly inspiring. And hey, what's this about "ladies" being in the penthouse????

Anonymous said...

too lively,
With that statue of Rilke, I think a picture might be a bit much.


ratzo said...

I am a purebred!


ratzo said...

Comrade K,

One of the saddest moments in J.'s life was when he learned that underworld only earned a million dollar advance and all of his personal papers for just another million dollars.

Considering all of the years that went into those projects, it is hard to believe that Mr. D. could even afford one cheerleader.


Ratzo said...

Don't tell Lindz!

Sassy Sundry said...

Fuzzy Don Delillo. Dig it.

ratzo said...

Check your local library for copies of that photo!