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Monday, January 08, 2007

Maybe Not Flirted With, But Neither Slated to Die.

Over the weekend I went to the Used Bookstore, because I was thinking that if I read really fast I might be able to way exceed the number of books I had set aside for the year.

After a few hours of browsing, I brought my three thousand dollars worth of purchases to the counter.

The cashier said, "Oh my goodness."

I casually got out my teacher's discount card, knowing that yet once again I was going to be flirted with.

"You look exactly like Josh Whedon."

"Who?" I said.

Turns out I wasn't being flirted with. She thought I look like this guy.

I don't see the resemblance at all.

Here is a picture of me (FR 2nd from the Left.) No one ever told me I look like anyone else. And now that someone has, it is obvious she was wrong, wrong, wrong. I suppose it was for the best. According to various mythologies if you meet your Doppelgänger, you will soon meet your death. As long as I maintain my unique, Non-Whedon look, I should remain forever young.

I may get through my stacks o'books yet.


Comrade Kevin said...

J. I insist that you go down to Fox Studios right this minute and have them bring back Firefly. Dammit man, you need to use your power for the good of humanity!!

Justin said...

Comrade K,

For you, I would.

But I'm afraid that Gillian Anderson's restrining orders prevents me from going to Fox Studios.

Ki Two said...

Gillian Anderson played an odd role (for her, and by her I mean Scully) in the movie The Mighty, which I enjoyed. Have you seen it?

Good luck with all of those books. I like used book stores, but I've never been mistaken for some famous director of a vampire series.

Taihae said...

meh. blue is not your colour, darling.

Justin said...

Though you find me repulsive I'm so glad you have return. Even a meh is great encouragement after so long an absence. j.

Justin said...

ki two,

I'll have to check to see if I even check out a copy of The Mighty. Restraining orders are pretty strict these days--But I don't have to tell you that!!!


Rebekka said...

Joss, surely, not Josh?