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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Excuse for Why I Don't Have a Post for Today.

I think one of the biggest reasons I decided to start a blog and share my life with the public is because of the power that memoirs and autobiographies have had in my life.

In that genre none has been more significant to me than Jesse's Ventura's book. In fact I almost named my blog after his book, I Ain't Got Time to Bleed, not only because of the sheer beauty of the language, but because I felt it reflected my personal toughness.

But the fact is, I do have time to bleed. Lots of time. Too much time.

By bleed I don't literally mean bleed. I mean "Have a Sty in my Eye." Which believe me, is just as bad as bleeding. It hurts and gives me a headache and worst of all makes it absolutely impossible to blog.

So sorry about that and see you friday.

Unless I go blind from the sty. Or because Jesse "The Sense of Humor" Ventura does not find this funny.


Ki Two said...

I hope you feel better. I've had a sty or two before and I absolutely hated them. They make medicine (it comes in tubes) for putting on a sty, but I think it's mostly just mineral oil and petroleum jelly. Notice how I am avoiding using the plural of sty because I'm not sure how to spell it. Get well soon. *hug*

Sassy Sundry said...

Jesse Ventura's gonna find you, and then you'll wish that your only problem was a sty.

Seriously, I hope you feel better.

Maleah said...

I ain't got time for housework. And by that I mean I refuse to do it. So, I am close to having a sty of my own.


p.s. sorry about your eye sty.

Taihae said...

It's more than I would inflict on you but as my mom would say, less than you deserve. Just remember not to go near any good people, cause I'm pretty sure that guys with sties (notice my bold and daring use of that there plural form) are like the male equivalent of menstruating women in the old testament. Uncleaaan Justin...

Jenn said...

If he ain't got time to bleed, maybe he should outsource. You too.

Justin said...

He should outsource his pain and me?

Maybe I'm not unreplacable, but I don't feel I'm outsourcable.


Justin said...

What did I ever do to your mom?


Justin said...

The sty is my only problem.

I have solved every other problem in my life both personal and professional.


Justin said...


Cleaning can definitely inflame a sty.

That's why it is suprsing that mine is so bad.


Justin said...

ki two:

Actually I have a 'medicine' but mine came in a bottle. I hope it is more effective than the stuff that comes in tubes.


coffee lady said...

i don't think unreplacable is a word. but maybe i'm wrong!