With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Captain Bookbagster, here.

Sorry this post is running a little late. Justin didn't actually realize it was New Year's day.

You see his parent's usually buy him a Van Gogh Wall Calendar for Christmas. But not this year. So this morning when he got up he just stared at last year's calendar.

To gain his bearings he flipped his '06 calendar back to January 1st. The only thing he had written down was 'Collect leftovers from NY Parties.'

He planned to let COI flounder for another day, but I said, 'That's the Wrong Call to Make.'

So while he's running around town picking up leftovers from various New Year's parties, I'm here to say, "Hey."

And if you have any leftovers let me know, because he tends not to share.


Maleah said...

Happy 2007, Captain Bookbagster. Thanks for feeding us morsels while Justin is out scrounging tidbits. At least I think that is what you mean by "leftovers."

alecia said...

i own your long lost twin.

Captain Bookbagster said...

I am talking about half eaten blocks of cheese and tupperware continers of spinach dip and slightly used deviled eggs.

I am talking about breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next two weeks.

To you, the Happiest of New Years.
Captain B.

Captain Bookbagster said...

Just so everyone knows what you are talking about:

Arnold has a Gem and the Hollogram's plastic lunchbox, which she thinks is absolutely identical to yours truly.

I leave it to you, dearest readers to decide.

Captain B.

i am not a man!! said...



um, i don't think it is a lunchbox!!!

Comrade Kevin said...

Captain B., You seem like a nice guy, I hope you fair better than J.'s last bookbag. It was all fun and games then too, until that one day J. snapped.

P.S. He posted pictures of the last bookbags corpse all over the internet.

P.P.S. Happy New Year!

Too_Lively said...

Alecia, you know he only messes with you to get pics!

Ki Two said...

Happy New Year, COI. :) See you around...

Captain Bookbagster said...

Comrade K,
Hell week at that end of my training in the special forces has prepared me for anything.

I can tell you that if it comes down to me or him, it WILL BE HIM.

Happy New Year!
Captain B.

Captain Bookbagster said...

I don't even have eyes.

Captain B.

Captain Bookbagster said...

Ki Two,
Is that box in the lower left hand corner of the picture, single?
Captain B.

Ki Two said...

Captain B.,
It's a piece of a larger picture in which the box is actually a key, which is, indeed, single. :)