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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Drink and Be Merry--With A Special Cameo.

The last several weeks I have literally been the prisoner of my own genius. For much of the winter break I forced myself to watch boxed sets of TV shows on DVD, allowing me little free time.

It is the start of a new semester, and my spirits couldn't be higher. Case in point is a little occurence of last night:

I was alone in the penthouse when I heard a knock at the door.

Justin: (Yelling):Who Doth Molest my Contemplation?
Curtis: It is, I, Curtis.

Justin: Computer activate door opening sequence.
(Door opens, Curtis enters.)

Curtis: What are you drinking out of? Metal ware?

Justin:I love this cup. It doesn't stain.

Curtis: I just didn't know that anyone drank out of those things since the medieval times.

Justin: (Laughing): Yes, well....

A more tense me would have taken offense at the claim that I was out of touch with the times (and by so many years).

But for the me that knows there a fresh semester afoot(more renewing than a new year) I am near invincible.

Plus, also, I was drinking irish coffee.


Maleah said...

Ah, a lead cup... this explains everything...

Finding Fair Hope said...

For sooth! Thou musteth decide to which century to belong to. Thou shouldst get off thy royal duff and to heel, MacDuff, and chronicle the times thereof, or some such thing. This flagon from whence thou draggeth the dregs of coffees past is messing thy mind and fucking my tenses. More on this anon!

alecia said...

is that the guy from home improvement?

just kidding, but it looks like him.
with his mouth not shown.

Justin said...

Andrea-That is Don Delillo, as you would know if you reguarly read my posts. Some Best Friend Candidate you turned out to be.


Justin said...

f f h,
I belong to all centuries. It would be unfair to any epoch of mankind for me to play favorites.

j d k

P.S. To my ears, y'all southerners talk funny

Justin said...

maleah, Stainless steel! Forged by the Great Coffee Cup Maker in the fires of Hotness!

It is only lined with lead.

Jenn said...

You're merry when you're in the cups. And I mean that in all possible ways.

Blaux said...

You wrote in the comment above that you belong to all centuries. This makes you past present and future. That’s a lot of tenses. In your entry you insinuate that you have been, or at least are capable of being, more tense. Are you saying that at times you live inside of a worm hole or something?
::adding machine sound:: I’m smoking Irish meth right now.

Sassy Sundry said...

Enjoy your brain damage, Justin. Poor Don. That's kind of mean to pass it along to him.