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Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Edition of Concept of Irony--Or As It Will Some Day Be Called, "Old Faithful"

Rejoice!: Monday has not passed with out yet another so-so edition of COI. Today all I had time for was to copy a few New Yorker Cartoons. Still, I hope that you can appreciate the effort I made.

The caption reads, "Oh, baby you are going to dip me in hot carmel? I'll be right over." I don't know why someone would think that it would be funny to have a balloon say that, but what is, is.

I don't really understand why there is a lake in the office, but if you click on the picture you can read the dialog. And it is totally worth it. I have no idea how one person could be so smart to come up with such witty banner.

This one didn't really make sense until I read the caption. And once I figured out the genius of the highly original spelling and grammar. But then it all came together and I realized it made sense to copy and post it in places where there are girls who meet said conditions.

I encourage you to do the same.


Maleah said...

Didn't an armed cartoonist show up in Miami recently? Are you armed with anything other than a sharp mind? Was this thing a planned bomb?

Jenn said...

It was very funny Justin. I laughed. And I encourage everyone else to do the same. Laughing is good for you. Some have even called it medicine. But then, you're funny.

So any Audrey Tautou look-alikes who are looking for just this brand of cute...maybe you should post it on the Audrey Tautou-impersonators' website?

Makes sense to me.

bitingblondewit said...

Good job, Justin! You're such a clever boots...I'm sincerely surprised some (hot) girl hasn't snapped you up. Maybe when she does, she can explain the first cartoon to you. And good for you if she does!

Comrade Kevin said...

Thanks for bringing a bit of New York right into my living room. Now if I can just get the taste of hair gel and hooker spit out of my mouth.

part-time buddha said...

Ah Old Faithful. You make me laugh. Every half-hour to two hours.

Sophie T. Mishap said...



No really - meh.

Ha! I was totally just fooling that time. See?

Vicious cycle comedy rocks.

Justin said...

maleah: yes,no, maybe. j.

Justin said...

While I think you accidentally included a non-sequitur in your comment (Some have even called it medicine. Then, you're funny.) I appreciate it and am encouraged and uplifted. j.

Justin said...

bbw, Are hot girls known for their powers of exposition? j.

Justin said...

Comrade K: If I ever become a
bartender (or a barista) I'm going to name a drink the "Comrade K." It will be a mix of hair gel and hooker spit and a little something extra (V-8).


Justin said...

Comrade K.
I can't believe I gave away the secret ingredient in the comrade k! j.

Justin said...

p-t b,

Thank you for not taking the more obvious, and more hurtful, 'You Blow Hot Steam' route.

I will not forget your kindness.

j-d k

Metamorphosis said...

I really liked the “who” dialog. Nice. I’m still reading your blog from time to time. By the way, the he first cartoon was of an apple:-)

Justin said...

Ms. T-Mishap,
While I really, really appreciate your comment, I feel a little like maybe you didn't read the post.

Because I looked up 'Meh' and it is very generic word.

Whereas, if I were to leave a comment on your blog, I would choose very precise words to express my opinions (Cyclops, Texas, Sophie & T.)

Well, thanks for listening.


P.S. Meh, Meh, Meh, T.

Justin said...

Thanks for reading. And while I appreciate the interpretative suggestion, I do believe, last time I checked, Apples can't talk!

Metamorphosis said...

But neither do balloons. You probably should have a word with that New Yorker cartoonist and clarify a couple of linguistic basics for him.

Maleah said...

It's not a balloon or an apple it's obviously a cherry.

aldous said...

i want to talk about nietzscheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

have a philosophy reading group at caribou!

do it, prof.

Justin said...

Hi Alicia,

But that's like work!

You should read Tolstoy.

Then the trivia questions could be from War and Peace and I'd feel really stupid when I get those wrong too.


Jenn said...

You mean your students can simply invite you to do a reading of some zany philosopher over coffee?

Cool, man.

Sophie T. Mishap said...

SeƱor Justin,

Hey, you've really got the hang of it now!


S.T. (Mishap)

bitingblondewit said...

I'm only room temperature, but I can ask around for you. Based on what I've observed though, hot girls are probably much better at exposing (themselves) than at exposition.

alEcia said...


i am not a student of this fool.

and justin:

i have no time to even read my horoscope, let alone tolstoy!

p.s. i <3 nietzsche though