With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Enough of What Other People Are Saying About Me, What Are Other People Singing About Me?

1. Go to the home page of the Band Everlindt
2. I made it pop open in a new window!
3. Click on JK Themed.
4. Dance until Concept of Irony returns on Wed.

(Maybe this will work? J K Themed. Click open. I had hoped to get the song on this blog, but the Concept of Irony IT team (My Mom) is out of town.)


QuillDancer said...

Brilliant post, Justin.

jk lol

James said...


BUBU666 said...


Finding Fair Hope said...

You're getting some ironic commenters these days Justin. Or am I missing something?

QuillDancer said...

Silence is golden.

Besides, Gram always said if you didn't have anything nice to say, it was better not to say anything at all. Apparently your regulars learned that lesson, too.

Maggie said...

Update! Update! Update!

Or at least come in and get some coffee on my shift. If I can't read something new I can at least stock up on some ironic commentary in person.