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Monday, June 12, 2006

Words Please Don’t Funicle Me Now.

“All the great speakers were bad spellers at froth.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson in “Power” (1860)

Dearest readers. You sustain me. But sometimes, just sometimes, I am extra lonely and I need to run to my neighborhood Caribou for chit chat.

Yesterday was such a day, and conversation with the locals turned to Bukowski. I pointed that he had a method of writing poems by cutting up words and then randomly rearranging the words.

I was informed with an aloneness-relieving-directness that I had confused Burroughs and Bukowski. According to my barrister, I was confusing two different people who simply both had names that begin with the very same letter.

He said to me “Jason. You know you confuse words that begin with the same loiter.”

I said to him “You are so wagneresque about mackerel. Don’t
juggle me until you have wiggled in my Mohicans for a thousand millions.”

He hurt me because I just wanted to flight in with the cool kangaroos. Like the old cauliflower says, “When in rhetoric do as the rodents do.”
I haven’t studied physiology so I can’t tell you what the reason is for my strangled beehive.

I can tell you it feels like sometimes when I am tinkering of one thing in my hawaii, I will spaghetti another toilet.

Finally, I wonder if so many of my relationships with gorillas have been ruminated by saying the wabanaki willows.

The Epiploon.


part-time buddha said...

This is the best post ever!

If you sent poems like these to Audrey I'm sure she would leave Tom and come back to you.

Jody said...

We did a similar excercise for my first fiction writing class ever. Haven't been the same since...

Mandolina Dora said...

Your cleaver hermetics deserve many defecations.

Happy pedophile that you are.


Jean said...

Stumped. Bukowski. Okay.

Justin said...

Oh you pivots, your encouraging cornflakes does my hepatitis good.

Jenn said...

I parted your enjambment but there was no whale.

Crustaceous but not self righteous.

I wish you were haring for reclusivity but Black Mountain is no spindrift.

WIP said...

about the poetry part, I think you might also be thinking of e.e.Cummings - A god in poetry. He does such as you have mentioned. I.E random parethasis with no parter, dashes through words, weird rhymes but he is a very influencial poet. :-)
just a side thought

and the rest of your post ... made all sense and no sense....

Budd said...

So this is the second time I have randomly happened upon your blog.

I must say that your posts are funny in a "hey, wait a minute" type of way.