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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Book Report on "Life of Pi"

B/c it is well known that Justin Reads on average 20 books a day, a popular outcy has risen, calling for J. to occasionally post his careful analysis of interesting works of literature. Today marks the first of his soon to be seminal literary essays.

The book I read is called "Life of Pi." It is a very good book. I liked the book. I think it would be a good book, even if I didn’t like it. But I did like it. And still do.

The hero of the book is a boy. I forget his name. He is stranded on a lifeboat with a bear. I just remembered the boy’s name. It was Pi. Or maybe that was the bear’s name.

Since the book is about a lifeboat, I decided to rent Alfred Hitchcock’s Lifeboat. I like to be as complete as possible when writing a review. If life boats are important I want to know everything there is to know about lifeboats.

If I was ever stranded on a lifeboat, I'd just catch fish all day. I bet I'd put on 20 lbs. But no matter how many shrimp, are around I wouldn't touch them. You know the little line that runs down the shrimp's back? That's shrimp poop. Ever since I found that out I haven't been able to eat those precious little creatures

Unfortunately, that's all I know about lifeboats right now. I have been really busy and haven't had time to watch Hitchcock's film. (So busy, that I haven't even had time to read the book. But let's not dwell on that.)

There are other important things to know based on the front cover. All worthwhile authors select a cover that conveys the central message of the book. After careful review, it looks like this book is a harrowing tale of bravery.

The main conflict of the book comes when Pi and the Bear realize they are being chased by what they suspect is a UFO. Lucky for them it turns out they are being chased by the Man Booker Prize! That is a very prestigious award, so not only are they relieved to not get probed by some punk aliens, but they get a huge cash prize and lots of notoriety.

In conclusion, I recommend this book very much.

P.S. It comes with a study guide. That is very helpful in facilating discussion amongst other people, if you don't have a highly visible media outlet like a blog, but still want to vent about the book.


part-time buddha said...

In a town where I was born,
lived a man who sailed to sea.
And he told us of his life,
in the land of submarines.

Jean said...

I thought that little line down the shrimp's back was cheesey goodness. I feel so dirty now.

Jenn said...

A bear, you say, a bear?

Which copy of Life of Pi have I been reading? I feel so cheated.

Or maybe this book only exists in Justin's version of reality. I kinda like how you shift everything ever so subtly so one is not aware if the ceiling has fallen, or the floor.

Makes for interesting...er...reading.

Jody said...

OH! You HAVE to watch LIFEBOAT today! So good! Love it!

Teena said...

I had to read this book last year for our bookclub. I hated it ... so "read" it via CDs. Ha!! That's the only way I could get through it.

R.A. said...

And I've been avoiding this title because I thought it was a math book.

Falconbob said...

I picked up this title because I thought it was a math book, instead I got a wonderful story about a boy and his tiger. (and monkey and zebra and hyena, but who's counting?) I would recommend it as well. UFO or no.

Budd said...

20 books a day? Amazing!

kelmaree said...

Your version has UFO's? Lucky you!!, i loved that book - dont remember the bear though. The version in your imagination sounds good but you should try reading the real version, although the lack of probing and punk aliens may be a bit of a let down for you.

Lisa said...

Please don't "book report" on Austen...or James. Thank you.

wrinkled weasel said...

"It is a very good book. I liked the book. I think it would be a good book, even if I didn’t like it. But I did like it. And still do" is such a good bit of writing. It is so rythmic it is synchopated.

It may get borrowed. Or syndicated. Or annotated.

Mandolina Dora said...

wonderful parrot-y Justin.

Anonymous said...

Amazing book. As an Indian, I can really appreciate the quality of the descriptions of the Indian food. Very thorough and intimate. Excellent philosophical defence of Zoos in the initial part of the novel.

Anonymous said...

A bear uh?????
I'm sory man, but the whole book is about Pi and a tiger, so maybe you should read less book a day:P

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