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Monday, June 19, 2006

Justin Makes Fred Astaire Look Like Joe Cocker Having a Seizure While Being Electrocuted During an Earthquake.

With this weekend's wedding of Curtis & Jessie, I know that all of my reader's have just one question in mind: How awesome was Justin's slow dance?

I, usually confident, had some doubts about how dancing would go. For months, I have worried about the slow dance I would have to do as a groomsman. Pressure was high, becuause I was not only a groomsmn, but the classiest of groomsmen. In the months past I daily imagined the ideal scenario: just after the ceremony, I would tragically twist my ankle while trying to save a cat in the Church's parking lot. I would look like a hero, while being too injured to have to humilate myself with a dance.

But my worrying was totally unfounded. Comments were to the effect that while the Union of Two Souls is a significant event, no one would forget watching me slow dance. Special comment was made regarding my decision to do the electric slide during the slow dance as well as my decision to sing aloud Nine Inch Nail's Closer (which the DJ refused to play during my slow dance.)

In fact, my only real regret is that the Congo Line didn't go nearly so well. I wih everyone involved a quick and speedy recovery.

Appendix One: Dancing Like Justin

Men's Steps
(The woman is in standard dance position in front of the man)
1. Step forward with the LF
2. Step forward with the RF
3. Step side left with the LF
4.Step in place with the RF

1. Step back with the LF
2. Step back with the RF
3. Step side left with the LF
4. Step in place with the RF


Jenn said...

You know Justin, you're a little unfair. A post like that deserves moving pictures. Also sound: to whit, your rendition of Closer.

You make me feel like dancing...

Justin said...


Maybe I could post NIN version, but I think my version is a bitty too gritty for a family oriented blog like this.

Dance away.


Jenn said...

What is NIN and why is it gritty?

You could just email it to me...would be happy to see you getting down and dirty...:)

Justin said...

NIN=Nine Inch Nails

Just a crazy acronym I came up with on the fly.