With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Sorry, I almost forgot: Happy Bloomsday.


ziggy pop said...

somebody else remembered! happy bloomsday to you too!

QuillDancer said...

For one moment I forgot Bloomsday celebrated Joyce, et al, and thought perhaps you were from my part of the world.


part-time buddha said...

Stately, plump Justin Kahn came from the internet, bearing a blog of irony about which the bovine and the poet lay crossed.

And many more happy bloomsdays to you!

J Love said...

Thanks for everything this weekend.
Curtis really appreciated your support
during this crazy week.

Justin said...

ziggy p--Did you manage to do anyting special?
justin k.

Justin said...

I don't think even joyce could inspire me to run like that.

Justin said...

"Whether or not one enjoys such a technique as Part-Time Buddha uses is a matter of taste on which disagreement or argument is futile, but to subject that technique to the standards of some other technique seems to me to be little short of absurd."

---Judge John Woolsey

And many more to you also.

P.S. Have you made it through a second time?

Justin said...

It was an honor.
What a really great day. I'm still suprised that I didn't do something really, really stupid.

part-time buddha said...

I'm working on it, currently enraptured in the Hades section and trying to figure out why the man in macintosh wouldn't lend it to the banker from 'Penny Lane.'