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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

“I could be bounded in a nutshell. And count myself a king of infinite space” Tony Robbins.

I often think of Tony Robbins words when I feel like I am being “trapped” in by life’s circumstances. Let’s just take yesterday’s events and see how my positive thinking made life not only bearable but lots of fun.

Yesterday, was a really good day. Because of the goodness of the day and my absolute emotional stability, you would never be able to find a bad word coming out of my mouth. So let me just review a few of the quirky things that happened to me. And none of this is made up.

1. Went over to my sister’s house to help scrape the house so she could repaint. The burning sensation of my muscles were like the warm glow of my heart, I get whenever I lend a helping hand.

2. Removed the shutters. Notice something that looks like a bat. I run down the ladder. Not out of fear, but out of love. Fear is the enemy. My sister Lisa says that it is probably just a bunch of leaves. Lisa sprays the shutters with the power washer. A bunch of leaves coming flying out. Lisa thinks the leaves flew away from the yard, I remain convinced that they flew towards the yard and than back to her roof.

3. I stop running around her yard, screeching at the top of my voice ( My sister says I was yelling like a girl, but you, dear reader, know that I was trying to communicate with the pile of leaves at a pitch which it alone could hear.)

4. Feeling alone and confused I say aloud, “Maybe I should try eharmony again.”

5. After the bat incident the bees aren't really mentioning. Someone controlled by fear might get nervous when bees begin attacking while you are the roof. Such a person might roll over his or her favorite pair of sunglasses. But I am controlled by love. But actually, the bees and the sunglasses did happen to me.

6. After a hard day of work, nothing like some serious unwinding. Seriously, if you haven’t had your car brake down on 271 N. near the Forbes entrance ramp, you must try it. I thought cops stop for cars that break down. I did it during a thunderstorm, but I bet it would be a good time regardless of weather.

7. Returning home the power was out at my penthouse, allowing me to meditate on my positive attitude.

Justin is a motivational speaker available for personal consultation w/r/t to whatever ‘hopeless’ situation you find yourself stuck in. All sales are final. No refunds. Not a member of the better business bureau.


stephan said...

Do you want my fish? His name is Stewart. He is kind of boring and April hates him, so it was either him or me.
Warmest regards,

PS any of your blog-friends can have him if they will pick him up in Cleveland Heights. I have tupperware if they need it to transport Stewart.

Jenn said...

Take heart. By Kipling's standards you're a real man!

Justin said...

SJS: A fish. That explains where you have been.

I can tell this is a scam already, but I don't have a fishtank. You wouldn't happen to have one for sale would you?

Also, how would you and Steward feel if I used this whole scenario as something to blog about.


sjs said...

You can have the tank too (it needs to be cleaned very badly).

Justin said...

Jenn--What significant author has standards which exclude me from being a real man. Justin

part-time buddha said...

justin = don quixote
ladder = rocinante (quixote's horse)
lisa = sancho panza
power washer = dapple (panza's horse)
bat/leaves = windmills/gaints
tom hanks = the duke
audrey = the duchess
jenn = dulcinea del toboso
p.t. buddha = cervantes

Just trying to prove that you're more epic than everyone thinks. And that anyone can be Leopold Bloom give the right set of circumstances. (This might suggest a Kahnsday celebration.)

Justin said...

P T B:
I just watched this documentary called, "Lost in La Mancha." The mentioned a bunch of those people. Sounds weird.

QuillDancer said...

Justin, Mother Nature wonderful? In consideration of your stressful and traumatic day, she provided you with a nice relaxing shower and some quiet seclusion. How lucky can one man get? I bet that rain inconvienanced a few other people, but at that precise moment Mother Nature thought your needs were more important.

Jenn said...

Justin: I don't know. Maybe Ernest Hemmingway. You know what with the sweetness and light and all.

PTB: Hahahahahahaha. I can't remember her real name but I do remember her appearance...

Jenn said...

I like the idea of Justin charging for the windmills...:)

Scheherazade said...

The editors of NY were write J. Perhaps you are just too clever.

"Lost in La Mancha" eh? Gilliam's own Apocalyse Now. If only he had had your transcendant spirit. Perhaps the movie would have been made.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Tony Robbins? That's Shakespeare!

goldennib said...

It must be very satisfying to be able to get through all of those trying situations with such impeccable grace.

Beth said...

What a beautiful story. Your sister is a lucky girl.

bitingblondewit said...

Very entertaining!
Who is Tony Robbins?
You're not one of my profs are you? Just making sure...

Marie Linder said...

well ... things could definitely have been a lot worse. Just look at what happened to Princess Diana after having consulted Tony Robbins!

Anonymous said...

that quote comes from Shakespeare in Hamlet

Anonymous said...

Tony Robbins may have repeated those words, but he wasn't the first to say them. The quote is from Shakespeare's Hamlet (Act II, scene 2), and in its entirety reads:

"Oh God, I could be bounded in a nutshell and
Count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that
I have bad dreams."

Anonymous said...

This Justin dude, whose blog I came across while searching for the wording of Hamlet's "king of infinite space" line, ascribes that quotation to Tony Robbins, whoever that is, and is nonetheless "adjunct instructor in philosophy, humanities and religious studies"?! Fire whoever hired him!

Anonymous said...

Tony Robbins? Fuckin Shakespeare!

Anonymous said...

“O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell and count // myself king of infinite space – were it not that I have // bad dreams.” Hamlet Act II, scene II (lines 250-2). I think that was written a little before Tony Robbins' time. And it's refering to the greatness of a young Prince. Nothing to do with Irony.

Brad said...

Yes, it is a bit of a gaffe. Ironic even. And doubly so because I think Hamlet was indeed being a little ironic when he said it considering the fact that he was pretending to be insane.

But of course it is no big deal and only a snob would make it so. Still, it may be a sign that you should read some Shakespeare.

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