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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Concept of Irony Reintroduces the Bartering System.

Earlier this month, I posted a drawing of my current living situation. As it turns out one of my admiring fans, whom I shall refer to only as "C." asked if she could purchase it. She told me that she was an artist and an absolutely devoted fan of my work. C. said it would be helpful in her own growth as an artist if she could have one of my works to study. The brush strokes, the coloring, the other artsy fartsy stuff. She would pay anything. I told her that while my work isn't for sale, if she had a comprable work, I would trade. My recently acquired painting can be seen to your left (my right.)

The only other condition I had was that I would be able to oversee the installment of the work. A lot of people--including some prominent artists don't understand how to display great works. I wanted to be there to make sure it was scotch taped properly. Pictured here is the work I installed, beneath another one of the works by C.

I guess it is obvious to you, dear reader, that it wasn't exactly an even trade. But I am willing to take a loss to help a young artist.


Rabbit said...

What a generous and benevolent mentor you are!

Justin said...

Rabbi T:

Thanks. If I have a fault(which I don't) it is that I am too generous and too benevolent.


Justin said...

Ooops. Rabbit. Sorry. I misread.

sharon said...

Hi Justin,

What would you want for your David Bowie Ziggy Stardust poster? I have a Ming vase (fourth dynasty), but not sure if that's acceptable?

Justin said...

Hey Sharon:
Actually, the second picture is of my work installed in C.'s apartment. So, it isn't mine to sell.

Having said that, if the price is right, I will find a way to acquire C.'s poster.


Scheherazade said...

I think the painting you acquired is absolutely stunning. I love the way she's so seemingly relaxed but yet so shy that she seems to be almost slipping out of the frame.

Please pass along my regards and respect to the real artist. If there is indeed a "C."

I'd like to write a poem about "her."

Justin said...


I will certainly pass your comments on.

Perhaps we could exchange poems.

I could post yours on my blog, and you will...Well perhaps laugh at my poem before deleting it.

But seeing that it is getting late,

Ali said...

That's a gorgeous painting! You think she wants to trade for one of my cat photos?

Scheherazade said...

I will write a poem.

It may not do the painting justice, but I will write one and send it to you.

Quid pro quo.

WIP said...

Well I have to say Justin that you have been writing a lot more than I have this past week. Why am I not writing you might ask.... It is the dreadful, accursed writers block. Ever heard of it ?

I need some insperation. maybe I will find some among your posts, if not I might go crazy with the pent up words....

a cry for help

penny said...

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