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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Concept Of Irony: The Movement

Concept of Irony began as as a humble blog, which actually kind of sucked. But now it is becoming a whole artistic movement.

First, COI branched out into the visual arts by acquiring a painting from C. This was done via a trade which has no peer since Tom Sawyer got an apple in exchange for allowing his friends to paint the fence he was supposed to paint.

COI's newly acquired painting has now inspired poetry by Scheherazade. We present this World Wide Premiere free of charge.


The girl with the pearl skin
finds refuge sitting in
the crushed skin of a sagging couch
tucked in the corner of a window lit room
that would inspire the master Vermeer.

Everything rests
on the inseams of her right palm
that calms her quiet earthquakes
and keeps her
from falling
outside the frame.

My blog is worth Fighting for. It is worth devoting yourself to. It is worth risking your job, your health, your family. It is worth more than words can say. It is becoming a great intellectual, artistic and social movement. .
How much is your blog worth?


Scheherazade said...

i'm humbled and tremendously flattered Justin that you liked the poem that much. I hope "C" does as well.

hmmmm. you think we can trade up to a new house? you know, like that canadian guy with the red paper clip?

incorporeal art for a real property deed. sounds fair I think.

you've made my day. hope yours is golden as well.

p.s. if your visitors happen by my site and don't like the heartier quasi-political stuff, there is hotter, bawdier stuff at wetpoems.blogspot.com

(forgive me J; it was that little photo of George that inspired me to shamelessly promote my poems; if not for money, then i'll just take a little glory! ;-)

sharon said...

Hi Justin,

I checked how much my blog was worth and the answer was, "Bubkes." So I'm going to quit my blog and devote myself full time to yours. I don't really have any skills, but I do have some criminal tendencies and an inordinate love of sleep. How can I help?

part-time buddha said...

A guy on campus once tried to give me one of those little new testament bibles. I told him I wouldn't jsut take it, but I would trade him some of my poems for it. He wouldn't do it.

fried_blue said...

Hi Justin,

I'm happy to see that an artistic movement has taken off, all stemming from a simple penthouse. Gives hope to all of us high in our own penthouses, wishing to do great things. You have at your disposal my questionable skills as an art critic.

(I tried to find out how much my blog was worth and it crashed my computer...couldn't deal with the negative numbers.)

(Just kidding about crashing the computer, but not about numbers.)

(Sorry I always write too much.)

Justin said...


C is a way for a week, but I trust she shall blush.

Perhaps I will say more tomorrow,

Justin said...

Sharon: I am encouraged by your comment. Obviously a certain amount of screening has to occur. So let's start off with the obvious. You list two skills Sleeping and Criminal Tendencies.

The question: Do these occur at the same time? Like the story my middle school principal read about this brilliant detective who finally got a lead on the serial killer in wherever. The lead was a footprint which indicated a toe missing a joint. But guess what? He was missing a toe joint. Which is strange and unusual and lead him to the awareness that, you know, he was the murderer and was actually committing these crimes. So he decided that he would turn himself in and the judge decided to jail him at night, but during the day he could go free.

So, if you are like that, it would be kind of crazy. Don't you think?

Let me know.

Justin said...

fried blue:

You write"Gives hope to all of us high in our own penthouses.."

Do you think a lot of my readers are high in there own penthouses? That would explain the giggling and some other things.

Anyway, I am always disappointed that your comments are so brief. It feels like a kind of literary silent treatment.

But the point is, what kind of art criticism do you do? Because I have some art that is so very sophisticated, but I feel like it may need someone to explain it to people.

Thanks again for your brief comments,


sharon said...

Hi Justin,

Well, I thought about it, and really, besides being an inveterate blanket stealer (so that when I awake I'm cocooned in blankets while the poor unfortunate by my side is shivering in the remaining half-inch of sheet), I'm not aware of committing any other misdemeanors in my sleep. I hope this doesn't disqualify me. To be honest, I see my role in your organization as a kind of enforcer. I'm not very tall, but boy, can I make midgets and children under the age of 8 rue the day they were born - provided, of course, there's no risk of my breaking a nail or ruining my perfectly coiffed hair. What do you say?

WIP said...

Well I have to say Justin that you have been writing a lot more than I have this past week. Why am I not writing you might ask.... It is the dreadful, accursed writers block. Ever heard of it ?

I need some insperation. maybe I will find some among your posts, if not I might go crazy with the pent up words....

a cry for help

Yes, I am posting this as a comment for the second time because I have found no funny comment to say about this,.... I've run out of words

Justin said...

Sharon:Being able to make people rue could be terribly helpful. I've had with portions of my audience running around unrued. I'll give it some thought. Thanks once again. Justin

Justin said...

WIP: I know exactly what you mean. That's why I am always plagiarizing from Norse Myths. I haven't had an original thought in two years. JDK

fried_blue said...

Hi again Justin,

Have you ever heard the saying "your attitude determines your altitude"? Well, conversely, maybe the elevation of one's penthouse somehow determines the endorphins in one's body--the state of one's "high"ness. Probably a fallacy, but it would explain the giggling, etc.

I figure that every fledgling art movement needs its devoted critic. I am the type of influential critic who is able to transform (for example) a bag of jet-puffed marshmallows into the new standard of modern art society, commission a museum specifically for this work, and then compose a sonata about it.

I am also a fifth-degree ninja bear mutant guy.

So once again I apologize for the brevity/lenghtiness of this post and hope that no one gave themselves tendonitis by scrolling down this far.