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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The ConceptofIrony Foundation

I have been moved by the dozens of people who have asked me "How can I show my support for Conceptofirony?" In reponse, I wouldn't say anything, because I was just daydreaming. But now, if such a thing happened, I am prepared. I’ve started something called the Conceptofirony Foundation. Before we get all worked up about helping people, we need to make some money. The original idea was to just take a portion of the proceeds(.001%) from Ye Old Irony Shoppe. That is not working out.

So I’ve come up with a little ‘gimmick’, which I have to say is brilliant. I’m going to sell “Jewelry”--but really it is just a rubberband!!! Please buy one today to show your financial and fashion support of COI. I put the same amount of thought into the design of this bracelet as you probably have come to expect from me.
At just, only, merely, $25.00 a bracelet you can look cool and know that you are helping a good cause. Contact me if you want one. You could probably buy them at some store or something, and just donate the remaining money to me.


part-time buddha said...

I was all set to order one, but when opened my desk drawer to pull out the checkbook I noticed that I must have bought a bunch a while ago.

So, since I have so many, I'll support COI five times per wrist, and enhance my coolness by ten.

Jody said...

Um...I think...um...Lance Armstrong came to this idea before you did. But it is a good idea...

Justin said...

p-t buddha:

I am very happy for your support. But please be careful showing so much support. I fear that circulation will be cut off to your hands and so no typing and so no commments.

Be careful. And I'm glad I didn't mention the new COI necklaces.

J-D Kahn

Justin said...

The guy from dodgeball?

Well if he did, I haven't seen a penny of the profits.


WIP said...

i'm excited !!! can you get them in different colors?????

Anonymous said...

Your manservant left you with
so little...
May your elaborate pad
be safe from tigers and goofy

If you decide to come down from
your Pakalolo Hi and touch Reality Base, try this blog. It's a bit

OWA TA GOO SIAM (slowly, w/rythmn)