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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Conceptofirony

(Pictured: The highest court in the land unable to agree which direction to look.)

In what will certainly come as a let down to readers of this Blog, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of COI’s right to spell as Justin see fit; to not be consistently funny and make ridiculous and unnecessary references to James Joyce.

Speaking for the Majority Opinion (Heads), Thurgood Marshall said that he really doesn't care all that much.

Speaking for the Minority Opinion (Tails), Earl Warren said, "This is the greatest strike to the decency of America since Judge Woolsey's decision to allow Joyce's Ulysses to be published in the U.S."

Asked how he thought this ruling would affect conceptofirony, Party-Pooper Scalia said, "I don't think it will affect the site much,but at least by taking COI's side, I got some wonderful homemade bread out of the deal."


stephan said...

I gave up on Mao II. I don't like sequals. Reading Harry Potter 6 instead.

Pamela Hollosnap said...

Oh boy, too funny, I'm still laughing here....I do enjoy this blog of yours Justin! Keep it up, PLEASE! LOL!

Justin said...

Don't give up on the thinly veiled biography of Bill Gaddis. It would be the biggest mistake of your life since yesterday's decision to stop reading Lobster.

P.S. HINT: Books with numbers in them--usually sequels.

P.P.S. Except for books about pi.

Justin said...

Thanks to the decision of the supreme court and supporters like you, I shall try my best

your fan,

WIP said...

you rock my socks off.... I heard thats the cool new thing to say
so i'm going to be cool and say it!.... do i really mean it...

of course