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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Justice League Overturns the Supreme Court

(Pictured: The highest court in the universe, the Justice League, has to put up with Green Lantern showing off.)

In what will certainly be viewed as a strike to Justin's morale, the Justice League,overturned the Supreme Court.

They did this by physically removing the court from its foundation, flipping it end for end and than dropping it, overturned.

Both legal experts and comic book nerds alike believe this may limit conceptofirony's freedom to spell and joke and reference as freely as the Supreme Court would have allowed.

Speaking for the Majority Opinion(Skins) Wonder Women (!!!) said, "Even we are to bound to spell in the standard way, despite our overall superiority. Why should Justin, who is substandard, get away with anything less?"

Speaking for the Minority Opinion (Shirts), Aquaman said, "As a strict textualist/reconstructionist it seems obvious to me that if a word is misspelled, than the author intended it as such. We can't impose our ideas on those who have misspelled or made jokes which are not funny."

Superman pointed out that if Aquaman weren't so lame, he wouldn't have to spend his evenings reading books on jurisprudence.


part-time buddha said...

and i thought aquaman's only useful power was to eat buckets of chicken underwater.

Justin said...

That is a misconception largely encouraged by Geralod's Documentary, "Does Aquaman Support Dolphin Friendly Tuna?"; To Which Geraldo answered, "No, he eats buckets of chicken underwater." But Geraldo had no factual basis for this claim.

Lisa said...

Is it your spelling that's bad or just your typing? When I read that comment, I was like, "Who's Geralod?"..but then I got it and was like "Funny..." lol. You need someone to proof-read for you...Maybe it's time to hire more help.

Justin said...

Both my spelling and my typing are nearly perfect, thank you very much.


Lisa said...

Were you talking to me? I couldn't quite tell with that impeccable typing.