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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Who am I?

With all of the legal decisions being thrown around affecting my fate, I decided to stop concentrating on my circumstances, and start focusing on me. I thought a good way to do that would be to draw my self portrait. It is a common trend amongst writers. I mention two precedents that influenced my work.To your left is James Thurber's self- portrait. Note the seriousness, not expected for a humorist.

Pictured here is William Gaddis' self portrait. He drew himself without a head to emphasize how no one else truly sees him completely, while also minimizing the bad haircut he had at the time.

Next up is me. Again, we see in my work a child-like simplicity, typical of Henry Darger. I think it pretty much speaks for itself. Though if it doesn't I have included a few annotations.


Donnak said...

ROTFL! Too funny!

marco said...

I always suspected that you were a robot. the missle launcher hands were a dead giveaway (and they account for your miserable typing).

WIP said...

you should draw a picture of me :) your so talented!

-wip is not dead

Mr Angry said...

The annotations are are excellent. Life should contain more annotations!

Justin said...


Justin said...


Most People Usually Catch on When They See My Made-For-Robot-Tie(see diagram).


Justin said...


I am working on it. In a few more months I should be done with the "W".

Portraits are hard.


Justin said...

mr. angry:
Sometimes I get sad and just sit and watch my bread create helpless and deformed loaves.

So a kind word is always appreciated.

But from a man named "Mr. Angry." Well it does my heart good.


Justin said...

WIP con't---

And so I started the portrait b/c I felt bad that I could come up with definitions for comment or post. You constantly exhaust my powers, and I thought the portrait would make it up to you.

But I don't know.

I feel like I might fail again.

But still, I can shoot missiles from my arm. That's cool.


WIP said...

hey it's all cool i can't wait to see the finished product

i've been on my own adventure you see
i almost died

it was quiet exicting and quiet scary !

i'll tell you all about that later

portrait is a good apology
apology for what?

WIP said...

shooting missiles from your arms is a pretty rare talent

how ever did you get it ?

Grant Miller said...

Chicks dig antennae