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Friday, April 21, 2006

In Which Justin Demonstrates that He is Equally at Home in the Visual World as The Verbal World

There is a story about the great novelist Flaubert's childhood. A servant called the six year old Flaubert and said, "Run to the Kitchen...And See if I'm there." Flaubert did as told. According to Sartre this incident represents young Flaubert's inability to grasp language at a 'normal level' for a six year old and that his lagging behind eventually fuelled his adult mastery of language.

Frankly, at my age I am still falling for stuff like that. But I think I've already much mastered language. Safe to say??? So I'm moving on to the visual world.

I bought a camera so that you can see the world through my eyes. I'm not kidding, just as I wasn't kidding for those of you who see me eating delicious home made bread and then are like, 'What you really bought a breadmaker?--I thought you just said that on your blog. Not that I read your blog. Because I don't. Can I have a taste of that bread?"

I think this is pretty much self explanatory.

This is a picture of my new camera. It is hard to figure out how to take a picture of a camera, if you only own one camera. So I took a picture of it in a spoon.

Like they say, A picture is worth a thousand words. If that's true than I've given something like 3,200 words for you to ponder. Hopefully, you'll get through them before Monday's post.


Jenn said...

Hey Justin! I think the picture of your camera in a spoon is very novel.

And I didn't know that about Flaubert. Go figure! Although I would have also gone to see if you were there in the kitchen, reasoning with my customary brilliance that you had split (it does happen) or maybe your doppelganger had showed up.

Justin said...

Well had you gone to the kitchen you would have realized that I was in fact there, taking pictures of my camera in a spoon.

But when Flaubert was alive, they didn't have camera, and I think that is the point of the stories.


P.S. The exchange yesterday was pretty brilliant, no? Perhaps I'll catch up and respond. Someday, sooon.

Reese said...

Dude, look at all those buttons you have on your template. What browser are you using? Seriously, tell me, I don't get half that stuff.

Jenn said...

Oh yes. Please do. We missed you. Also there is a question there, you didn't answer.

Follow the yellow brick road.

part-time buddha said...

I love to picture of the picture on your blog. Can cameras be existential? Or is it just post-modern?

Justin said...

One naturally thinks of wha Oscar Wilde said, "Just Because You Browse my Browser doesn't mean you get More Buttons."

I haven't done anything to my browers, I don't think. Living in my narrow browser world, I thought it was standard.

Please don't relegate me to a linky dinks with browsers they dont' understand.



Justin said...

my plan was to catch up on today's post and than work my way backwords. But than I started reading your blog, and other blogs. And then, being at a coffee shop, I started doing various coffee shop related things(asking a photographer how to use my camera, etc). So my plan right now, isn't as strong. I'm real tired, but if I have the strength and energy I will answer the oldies.

Justin said...

part time buddha:
I posed your question to a photographer at the coffee shop (see my comments above). Turns out that the shutter tends to be existential as does the flash, but it is the handle and/or carrying case which is alone called "Post Modern"
Thank You.


Reese said...

Hey Justin. Hmmm, are you saying that you want me to upgrade you to the list of people who would actually care if I died?

Are we at that point in our relationship yet?

Georgi Rimsakov said...

Most funny blog, Justin. I have decided to link you. Do I need your persimmon?

Justin said...

olaf legend:
Thanks. If you do need permission simply fax me the appropriate forms. It's going to be hard to become a popular enough blogger to host SNL, if www.justinkahn.com is my primary source of referalls.

Thanks again, and sorry in advance for not funny posts.

sjs said...

i did not see either you or the manservant this weekend. shall i assume that you two have done yourselves in in a murder-suicide pact? by not responding (or posting another post), you will confirm my worst fears.
warmest regards,

Becca said...

Ironic... LOL!

ODD said...

I love your camera in a spoon Idea.
Not sure why you didnt use an ordinary mirror but I like your idea better, less conventional any way.:)