With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Can Justin Incorporate His Scanner and his Camera into a Post With a Layout that Appears to Have Been Done by a Professional Graphic Designer?



Mind Curry said...

haha..absolutely hilarious..i dont know how you come up with such funny stuff..

sorry i was away for a couple of weeks and didnt get enough of the COI dose! now i am back!

Justin said...

Mind Curry:

Well, I was beginning to wonder.And I can tell you this(I am not making this up): My Mom has been worried sick.

I call her and she asks "What happened to Mind Curry?"

"I don't know Mom."

"Did you say something offensive?"

Me again,"Probably, but no harm wasn't meant."

"People are so nice to you and you just drive them away."

& c. So you will be bringing a good bit of balance back to the Kahn Family.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

WIP said...

Wip is a nickname, long story short my last name kinda sounds like coolwip ( colip)so all my friends and most of my teachers call me thus :)

yes that does help

r.m. largent said...

Good stuff. You made my bookmark listing! Although i don't know how much value you can place in my opinions.

R2K said...

: )

kelmaree said...

what is a commonwealth? , well i had to look it up, (i really should have listened in history class)but anyway:

"The Commonwealth of Nations is an association of independent sovereign states, most of which are former colonies once governed by the United Kingdom as part of the British Empire"

anyway Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland plus alot of other places are part of it, we even have the commonwealth games, like the olympics but only for the commonwealth.

not mocking you, u are clearly smarter than me that would be stupid, not sure about Nicole though she may have been

who is Captin Kangaroo??, have seen many kangaroos , didnt realise they had a captain

kelmaree said...

oh , by the way, very good layout , Did you use a Professional Graphic Designer?? i especially love the incorporation of both camera and scanner.

ej said...



Jenn said...

Cool idea of incorporating old tech, i.e. handwritten notes (can you get more personal than that?) and new tech.

Would help if we could read your writing, but let's not be fussy here.

One can't have everything.

Justin said...


Four words for you.

Buy the Decoder ring.


Justin said...

(Cool) wip:

I wish I had a cool nickname. When I was in school everyone used to make fun of me. They called me "Lil No Nickname."

It hurt.

J(For Justin)DK

Justin said...


First, thanks for the compliment about the layout. I'll pass it on to my web design team. They really aren't professionals, just amateurs who have a passion for Design.

Second, thanks for the report on the Commonwealth. I hope it didn't interfere with your science Homework.

Third, YOU ARE KIDDING ABOUT CAPTAIN KANGAROO, RIGHT? I mean, i guess its an american thing, but you've heard of apple pie and jeans, right? So you must know captain Kangaroo. I hope.

P.S. Watch out for snakes. I hear the commonwealth is infested with them.

Justin said...

r.m. Thanks. Everything you've said so far suggests I can place a very high value on your opinion.


Jenn said...

Hmmm I dunno. A decoder ring seems like a heavy investment just to understand. Tell you what, if it also helps decode your sense of irony, I'm there with my $10. What the hell, $11.

Jenn said...

What I meant is "just to understand your writing".

Mind Curry said...

i spoke to your mother this morning and assured her everything is under control. she is mighty happy you have started responding to comments!

WIP said...

well i shall make you a nick name :)

Justin said...

jenn: You aren't seriously asking me to sell the decoder rings at cost, are you?

Justin said...

mind curry:
What makes you think I respond to comments now?

P.S. Oh. I see.

Justin said...

are you equipped for such a thing?


Justin said...


Mind Curry said...

there has to be a 22 if there is a 21..according to the law of kleptomaniacs i mean..

duckenvy said...

thats a lot of work for one "coceptual" joke hence methinks the concept of the concept of irony.

WIP said...

oh im' pretty sure I am justin... are you doubting my expertise in the area of nick names????

I am terribly hurt

I'm going to go away for now

you've hurt my feelings

Justin said...


Alas--Be Back Soon.