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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Best of The Web (I)

There will be no post today. Only this selection from conceptofirony's search team. We strive to present you with only the absolute best of what's on the web.

Please note on the cover of the quarterly there is talk of a book. There is talk that they are taking suggestions for favorite pieces. PLEASE DO NOT go bombarding them with your emails about how all of your favorite works are by me. Please don't even though we, you and I, have developed this intense emotional bond which previously had only existed in the great romantic plays of Shakespeare and maybe some of the better Jennifer Aniston films.

Obviously since there is no post today, it is likely that you would have time to vote for a short work, but that would introduce a phoniness into the whole book creation process.

No, dear reader. Leave me to work in obscurity. I know this is the harder road for you, to just not cast your vote for me. It is hard to restrain yourself, because you know how much pain I experience by being unrecognized.

Maybe you could comfort yourself by reading one of my hillarious and/or very serious pieces in SCQ.

And if one, or maybe all of them, touch your heart the way you have touched my heart than sure, I guess it would be honest to cast your vote. Just drop an email to tscq@interchange.ubc.ca, saying, you know that you personally would die if you didn't see such and such(i.e. all) of my pieces published.

And if you ever need anything, a kidney or whatever, don't hesitate to ask.


pinta said...

I am italian and sorry if i don't speak English very well. it's very interesting yuor blog, isn't he?
My italian songs on my blog and site are a present for you and your friends.

R2K said...

: )

marco said...

so you are now kissing up to online journals to get published?
What's next, an Ode to Craigslist?