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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What Do You Think: Fact or Fiction?

Imagine for yourself this situation. It is early in the morning. I take an extended walk, which leads me down Lee Road.

I saw a man.

I did not believe that this man was doing anything illegal. But hard to tell.

His hand reached for the hand piece. He knew exactly what he was doing. With his free hand he reached into his left pant pocket, and pulled out some change. He was totally focused on what he was doing. He was not new to this. He separated the coins in one hand. Top form.

Others were looking at him, but he seemed completely oblivious. I was a dozen feet away from the guy, but I could hear the coins going in to the machine. It was all so surreal. He punched the keypad seven times. Precise.

In one fluid motion, the headpiece was pinned between his head and shoulder.

As I walked away two things were evident to me: 1) This man was starting a conversation and 2)Sherlock Holmes himself, couldn't tell you where this man must have lost his cell phone that he would end up in such a dire situation.

But you must decide for yourself if in this day and age such an extraordinary situation could occur or if this is simply the result of my ever eccentric imagination.


Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that you were WALKING on Lee Road, Justin. The concept is simply laughable. Try again.

WIP said...

in hollywood of course

in real life, a little harder to belief but i'll give you the benefit of the doubt :)

Jessica said...

I don't get it.

Vargr said...

I don't own a cell phone. Was it me?
On the other hand, I never have bits of change. So it could not have been me.
Was it a man of middle height with curly blonde hair and a duelling scar upon his left cheek?
If so, then it was most definately not me.

Niklas Blog said...

I love he fact hat in Sweden we actually can, at least could, insert the chip of the cell phone into a payphone.... what's the point in that?

Ezronia said...

chip into a public phone?? wow...
anyway, Justin, and all of you I guess - I would like to invite you to the first online Ezronia Festival - you can add a sentence/paragraph/thought to the short story that we are trying to write collaboratively...the phone stpry was so...umm.obscure...that I thought you may enjoy it - enjoy :)