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Monday, March 20, 2006

Corrections, Clarifications and Emendations.

In an earlier post I referred to a friend who played a ten year old boy. Turns out she played a tomboy not a boy.
This IS the first time a failure to observe that particular nuisance has gotten me into trouble. Honest.

Previously, I have apologized for my creative spelling. No longer. According to David Crystal’s “Stories of English” (Overlook Press, 2004) English spelling isn’t standardized until the 1800’s. Which means I am simply writing in the oldest tradions of English. For those who you aren’t up on your history of the English language those traditions are Northumbrian, Jive, Ironical, Mercian, Double Speak, Coffee Talk, West Saxon, Mr. T, and Kentish.

I am making an effort come up with the definitive guide to Some Stuff on the Web.
I am beginning with one hit wonders. If you come across any blogs, which started off strong, but only lasted one post please let me know.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Lisa B.


androgenous acting said...

It's about time I got an apology.

I know it's sometimes difficult to believe-- with my mannish voice and hearty physique-- but yes Dude, I am a girl.

Justin said...

Wow. An Android Actor. Or an android in the process of acting. Either way, that is pretty cool.

sesquipedalien said...

Here's one: http://sesquipedalian.blogsome.com/

Ticks me off, cause whoever it was used the user name ~I~ wanted... and doesn't even use it.

I had to change mine to sesquipedali~e~n... Then decided that mine was much more appealing anyway, mispelled.

Amy said...

i'm tempted to have the "clarification" paragraph tattoo'd somewhere... (not necessarily my body, but somewhere)

Justin said...

Thanks Sesquipedalien. Your spelling is indeed way better as is my one hit wonder page, thanks to your contribution.

Justin said...

Hi Amy:
I've never said this, but I've always thought it. If anyone does get a tatoo of my bloggorific prose than I will happily take them out for dinner at chipotle. I love chipotle.

If you plan on having the paragraph tatoo'd on someone else, than they are eligible for the dinner, BUT YOU HAVE TO ASK THEIR PERMISSION FIRST. I don't want a repeat of the tatoo fiasco of '04.