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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Justin Still Being Attacked

Well, there you have it conceptofironiers. The Man Servant Lives. Read Comments from yesterday's post.

Which raises some interesting questions. Why all the chat rooms, forums, etc. devoted to criticizing my purchase of a deep fryer when recently I acquired a Bread Machine also? Do those militant health nuts really believe that my Famous ‘French-Beer-Nutella-Butter Bread’ is healthy in a way that my famed double fried donuts are not?

Furthermore, how am I to take all of these criticisms about my dietary habits, when others are lashing out at my personality? For example Anonymous writes in an email, “You are like a highly articulate six year old...”

To this accusation I can old respond in the following way.

First and Foremost, You Are Not the Boss of Me

Secondly, You Smell Like Poopie.

Finally, Everything You Say Bounces Off Me and Sticks to You.

I think in many ways these points are applicable to those who have criticized me for deep frying my famed French-Beer-Nutella-Butter Bread.


Curtis, AKA Manservent said...

For the record, I am the one who makes all of justin's food. Being the gracious man that he is, he buys the tools to which I am able to serve him better and more efficiently. And yes, I might be, on a subconscious level, trying to kill him. I did after all try to feed him beer, nutella, and butter at the same time. I read somewhere that they all cause cancer. But then again, I don't read. Ever.

Rachel said...

I like this manservant's style. If this were a democratic website, I'd vote to give him a weekly sub spot.

Anonymous said...

Manservant strike me as the kind of guy that would wear a beer shirt to church. I too like his style.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Well, that contraption certainly requires more culinary prowess than my infamous "Nuttella on Toasted Bread."

Justin said...


I don't mean to pry, but would you mind sharing your recipie for "Nutella on Toasted Bread"?

Mind Curry said...

critics!!! of justin??? man!! impossible!!! we all love you justin!

sorry i been away for a few days. but i am your ardent fan, and of all your appliances and quirks as some people would like to term it.