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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Behind the Scenes at Conceptofirony

I can not tell you how happy I am that you have so warmly embraced--and even seem to prefer to me--my man servant. Originally, I was going to use today's post to outline my vision for a nuclear power free future, but since my readers seem to be interested in the help, I'll just follow your lead.

I consider myself a fairly independent person. While most of my friends at the Club have always had help, I did not b/c I feared it would make me weak and lazy.

But than I discovered the adventures of Jeeves and Wooster, by one of the great writers, maybe the greatest comic writer, of the 20th century. I am of course referring to Stalin.

Hah! Just doing a bit of comedy writing myself there. It's harder than it looks.

I'm refering to P.G. Wodehouse. I was especially impressed by his Jeeves and Wooster series (Jeeves played by Stephen Fry and Wooster by Hugh Laurie in the BBC Adaptation). The Jeeves series impressed me because of the great comic potential of having a servant who is smarter than the master.

I wanted to write about stuff like that.

Of course, Wodehouse was a mere fiction writer. He could just make stuff up. But I am a blogger who is perfectly honest. Do I lie to you by hiding facts from you? No. Do I lie to you by making stuff up? Not anymore than I do by hiding facts from you. That meant that if I wanted to write about a servant, I had to acquire one.

I purchased mine from eservants.com, just before they recieved a court order to stop selling to the public.

Because my case against eservants.com is still pending, I will refrain from saying anything more about that.


Niklas Blog said...

If you like the concept of a butler beeing smarter and more intelligent you shoud watch, if you've not done so already, the Blackadder series, starring already mentioned Hugh Laurie, Steven Fry and Rowan Atkinson.

Anonymous said...
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