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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Justin Responds to His Critics

The Vicious Attacks surrounding my recent purchase of a deep fryer have come as a surprise to no one more than me.

How these rumors got started is irrelevant. (Even though, it pains me to say that I have every reason to believe that these vicious attacks were initiated by my manservant.)

Here are the facts:
1)It's not like I did something wacky to earn the scorn of those who are talking behind my back. I didn't pour car oil into the fryer or some such lunacy. I simply, as I have admitted, bought a deep fryer.

2)It was an economical move, which I believe will virtually 'pay for itself.' I don't mean that literally. The deep fryers that are smart enough to pay for themselves are out of my price range. But when I took my deep fryer to the movies, they gave it a special appliance discount (Just $9.00 for an evening show.)

3)I can have deep fried doughnuts for breakfast, people. In fact, I can have them for lunch and dinner, too. It's my deep fryer.

Thank you for listening.


Debby Granolar said...

That'll last like, one breakfast. Oilmonger.

WIP said...

i like making my own home made french fries in my deep frier

Yum- but really unhealthy

Curtis, AKA Manservent said...

Wow, you actually have a picture of the exact same deep fryer. You have too much time on your hands my friend, too much time.

Niklas Blog said...

How deep does it fry?

Justin said...

The Manservant speaks! And his spelling is worse than mine! But he's real, I told you all he is real!

Justin said...

I thought you disappeared. Welcome back.

Justin said...

I have these theory that things are only healthy in so far as you believe them to be healthy.

This is, perhaps, why I am at the doctor's so frequently.

Niklas Blog said...

I've not disappeared, I'll always be here... in spirit