With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Word From Justin's Lawyer

I think a few clarifications are in order. First, it is true that sometime on February 15 Justin DID in fact flee the country, possibly to S. Africa. I can not emphasize enough that Mr. Kahn is not a threat to anyone else or himself. Rumors about his addiction to pistachios are exactly that. (Rumors, not pistachios)

This did not come as a surprise to family and close friends. Many noticed that he was having a hard time processing the fuzzy feeling he was getting from the large number of comments and emails. Who could not help but feel the love when recieving the unconditional approval found in this REAL email from someone who shall remain anonymous:

After reading the new header, I was going to comment that your spelling doesn't make me want to throw things at the computer as much as careless grammar mistakes, and just typing the plain wrong word which makes me have to read the sentence five times before it makes sense, but after reading all the other comments I figured it just wasn't worth it. ;) (Haha.)

As he was packing his bags, he was heard mubling something about the abuse of commas.

When blogspot offered to renew his contract on an unprecedented scale,it did seem to throw him off balance. This is not uncommon amongst those who experience a meteoric rise to success. One naturally thinks of examples like the Logician Kurt Godel, but there are probably other examples.

Rest assured. If he is ever sighted again, this will be the place.


Niklas Blog said...

I would like to say that I can't fins one grammatical, nor spelling error in your blog. But then again, english isn't my native tongue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Justin’s Lawyer,

I just wanted to thank you for using commas. I was able to understand every sentence I read - on the first try, no less!

If Justin ever comes back, we should all get together to discuss some basic grammar rules so that Justin can make future entries as pleasurable to read as this one.

Akaky said...

Pistachios are a good thing, except when they cause biliary colic, but on the whole they are a good thing. Orthography is always a pain in English, of course, what with 26 letters to represent 42 sounds, but we must make do with the alphabet we have, I fear, although recieving is a bit much, but that is just my opinion, an opinion brought on by years of Catholic school training in which I was made to chant I before E except after C whilst burning communities of otherwise harmless Anabaptists at the stake for heresy.

Mind Curry said...

if ever justin comes back, i am sure he will leave a comment at my blog first!