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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Aftermath of Valentine's Day

I don't really feel like talking about it. Today's entry is a transcript from yesterday, courtesy of JB Transcripts.

Audrey: Bonjour, mon ami! Je Suis Fromage.
Justin: Could you speak in English?
Audrey: Why? Your French is better than my English. Your French is better than your English.
Justin: For my blog readers
Aurdey(playfully tapping/punching me): Is your blog more important than me?
Justin: Well.
Audrey (angry): You better have something great planned for tonight.
Justin: Funny thing. Actually, I forgot. Well, I remembered last night. But it was hard to come up with something last minute.
Audrey (sad)
Justin: I was so caught up in Black History Month that.
Audrey: This happened last year.
Justin: I really like history.
Audrey: Au Revoir.
Justin(shocked): What?
Audrey: Au Revoir.
Justin: Soup of the day? No, that doesn't seem right.
Audrey: It means Good Bye.

Pretty dramatic, eh? And sad, very sad.


Cool said...

yap, very very very sad...

WIP said...

lol black history month is important and history is pretty cool its a sad world

i wish i new french

but alas my language capabilites in other languages is lacking severly so i'll stick with english and sign language :)

moleboy said...

Very sad.
The cheese stands alone.

Gina Holmes said...

mmm fromage. Cute post.

Gordo said...

Black history month is important to me too. I made my wife walk around with out a shirt on only wearing a skirt all day in celebration. I am glad to know that there are others out there like me.
viva la us!

stephan said...


I saw you driving around Cleveland Heights this morning. You were in a yellow Hummer with an "I Love Yoga" bumpersticker and, even though I flashed my lights and honked at you all the way down Monticello, you never returned my wave (in fact, you kept speeding up and changing lanes to avoid eye-contact with me).

What gives?


Also, when did you get your "ride" "pimped"?

Niklas Blog said...

What's black history month? A month purely dedicated to the history of african-americans? Are the rest of the months purely caucasian history?

Akaky said...

Niklas, it is clear from your question that you have not heard of the vast variety of months available in the United States. Yes, this is Black History Month, celebrating the history of African Americans in this country, but it is also National Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month, National Bird Feeding Month, National Publicity for Profit Month, and two celebrations that actually complement each other, National Boost Self-Esteem Month and National Expect Success Month. There are as many celebratory months as you can imagine, and that doesnt bring up other celebratory time periods like National Fig Week and National Popcorn Popping Month. And there is Hispanic Heritage Month as well.