With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The Disappearance of Justin: Most Decidedly Not a Hoax

"Yesterday's post wasn't a joke."

"Where's Justin?"

"Did Justin really leave for Africa? You don't have to lie to me; we aren't married."

"I have to go find Justin."

"People will read your posts, even if they don't make sense. As long as you have pictures to look at."


Niklas said...

I know where justin is... IS at the other end of this post.

arod said...

So true... people will read as long as there's pictures to look at!

crestfallendespairacy said...

SO true!!! people likes thigns to look at. Reading hurts there cerebral...Justin...come out come out wherever you are..

Mind Curry said...

i always read your posts, with or wihtout picutre, even if they dont make sense

Gordo said...

We are visual creatures. We like pictures.
Blogs are supposed to make sense? Dang it! Now I have to start all over again.

Mary said...

أحمق, أهب

bleumel said...

Comma abuse? Commas are just a cover, the disappearance is linked to his Valentine tragedy.