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Friday, February 03, 2006


If you have read the last two posts, you know that I am digging into the deepest reserves of my soul, so as to be emotionally present for you dear reader.

That kind of Work is emotionally exhausting.

So it was nice to relax talking with a person only to be reffered to as, My Old Man (Or M.O.M for short).

M.O.M. and I talked about our favorite show, 24. There are two great things about this: We get talk about the adventures of Jack Bauer and I get to laugh at M.O.M's slight misunderstandings about the plot. As you are certainly aware the plot tends to be fairly intricate. There are plots, counterplots, double agents and twists galore. So for example, one particular weak point is the M.O.M's understanding of the various agencies involved.

ME: Well, the president said he could stick around.
M.O.M: Do you think that means he will go back to working for the KGB?
ME: The Russian Intelligence Agency? Why would he do that?
M.O.M: No, you know what I mean.
ME: You think Jack is a Russian Spy?
M.O.M: No, in the previous seasons he was working for AARP..
ME: The thing for old people?
M.O.M: NO, no. You know what I mean.

M.O.M. also has very creative guesses as to how the plot is going to develop

ME: Where do you think all the nerve gas went?
M.O.M: Maybe Edgar ate it?
ME: Why would he do that? And wouldn't that kill him?
M.O.M: David Palmer took it.
ME: Wasn't he killed the first episode?
M.O.M: Maybe he survived?
ME: Hmmm..
Please be advised that M.O.M. is a fictional creation of my own making in no way related to anything at all.

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