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Monday, February 06, 2006

Game Day

Yesterday was the day. It was my big superbowl party. It was just me which is fine. I didn't want anyone else over anyway. Mostly, I just watched Kung Fu Hustle and ate Dried Banna Chips from Trader Joe's. I feel like if I had invited other people, they may not have been sensitive to the deep refinements of my party.

I think Kung Fu Hustle is pretty much the best movie I've ever see. And I would have said that even if there wasn't a kind of obscure homage to Fellini and an obvious homage to Kubrick.

Like any good Kung Fu movie it reminds the audience that only so many enemies can surround you at a given time. With enough discipline and training a person can train themselves to take on whatever enemies surround them. Plus, its even more inspiring if you think of 'enemies' metaphorically,like problems at work or meeting your blog deadline.

Enough about me. I hope you all had a merry Super Bowl and may next year's be even better.

P.S. The above line was an invitation to my next year's party. I think we will be watching Tarkovsky's Andrei Rublev.

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