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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

FOIA # 324-Irony: The Freedom of Information Act With James Lipton

Things have been rough.

I haven't cried so much, filling out government forms since I did my taxes. As I just got around to those, I'm rather dehydrated. Even with the taxes, it wasn't so much the complexity of the forms as the multiple paper cuts I sustained. But here, it is indeed the complexity of the forms and the nature of the questions. I include a few questions for you to get a sense of the kind of bureaucratic soul searching I've been subject to. But if such interogation is what is required to keep my blog legal, so be it.

J. Swift left money for the establishment of an Asylum for “Ideots & Lunatiks” saying about Ireland “No Country Needed it So Much.” It is of interest to your government to know “What will you leave as your legacy?”

I would like to leave money for a Chipotle to aid "the Hongry and Cheep."

Hmmm. Czeslaw Milosz wrote:
Under a starry sky I was taking a walk,
On a ridge overlooking neon cities,
With my companion, the spirit of desolation,
Who was running around and sermonizing,
Saying that I was not necessary, for if not I, then someone else
Would be walking here, trying to understand his age.
Had I died long ago nothing would have changed.
The same stars, cities and countries
Would have been seen with other eyes.
The world and its labors would go on as they do.

Do you--Justin--ever feel that sense of desolation & uselessness?

You should. Your current plans for a legacy is Chipotle. I really think you ought to change your answer.
That isn't a question.

I'm James Lipton, Bitch.
Yes, I know. I liked you better before you were employed by the government. Goodbye. I need a burrito.

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