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Monday, December 05, 2005


Picture of Man, Accompanied by Dog.

I am resolved.

Most people wait until January 1st, to design their new year's resolutions.

But I am not most people.

I begin thinking about the direction I'd like my life to take, sometimes up to several weeks in advance of New Year's Resolution time.

Of course, I realize not all people are as forward thinking as I am. That's cool, too. But I hope my foresight serves as a model to you.

Maybe resolution isn't the right word. Let's say commitment. And my commitment is to grow out my hair.

No, not like last time. Or not necessarily. But just a good inch and half. Have I completely ruled out a pony tail in the long run? No.

I felt like I should share this information with you,my most beloved confidante, so you don't take it personally if I don't respond to your remark or email with my usual efficiancy.

I'm really going to throw myself into growing my hair out.


Anonymous said...

Dear Justin,

Please forward this message to the Concept of Irony Department of Volunteer Services:

Dear Concept of Irony Department of Volunteer Services,

Is there anything I and other loyal readers can do to support Justin in growing out his hair (e.g., cooking meals, donating money, etc.)? On the one hand I really want to help, but on the other I know that this is something that one often has to do on one's own. Thanks in advance for your response. Also, just as a side note, if I do choose to donate money, how will you guarantee that 100% of it will go to Justin's hair?

Best Regards,


stephan said...

Perhaps you'd get more financial and/or gastronomical support if you promised to have hair like Rambo? I could get behind that -- not literally, of course.